Removing Broken lines from Text

Removing Broken lines from Text is a WordSmith class on how to remove broken lines, linefeeds before a sentence punctuation (.?!) The cause of this situation (when you create a theWord module) is usually because you copied and pasted text from the Internet (a page in html format). While the problem is extremely common, the solution (apart from going through the text by hand and fixing everything) is not very readily seen (and I have looked).

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Beginner’s First theWord Class

Beginner’s First theWord Class is for a newbie just starting to use theWord, explains the windows within the program, some basic stuff.

Beginner’s First theWord Class
By David Cox

Class Objective: This page is a basic beginning point for the brand new theWord user. From here we will link to other pages/classes for you to go through and learn, and then come back here. (You must install the software before anything else. If it is not installed, then please install it. So download it from

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