F5 theWord Copy Verses Function

F5 theWord Copy Verses Function
By David Cox

Class Objective: This TW feature is for formatting and inserting verses into the clipboard so that you can insert them into another application or program, or into another module within TW. Note that theWord will allow you to make very specific and minute tweaks to how it pastes Bible text into the clipboard. Although at first you probably think that this is not very important nor useful, think again. The reason why you want to understand and dominate this class is because if you use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or some other software in your ministry, and you use the Bible in those programs, you will want to use TW’s features to quickly insert Bible verses into that other application. I do this a lot myself (I am a missionary and Pastor), and as such, I had made Microsoft Word macros to reformat inserted Bible text before. I got rid of the Microsoft Word macro, and started tweaking TW’s inserts so that they would look like what I want.

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Copy Verses Feature

This video tutorial is by Paul Chapman. In this tutorial, Paul goes through how to use the Copy Verses Feature. This feature of theWord is a way to copy a Bible reference in any other program, and by putting it into the Windows clipboard, theWord will pop up the text of that verse(s) references.

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Clipboard Monitor Feature

This video tutorial is by Paul Chapman. In this tutorial Paul goes through how to use the Copy Monitor Verses feature, which is going the monitor the Windows clipboard, and it will allow you to copy a verse reference and with a single keystroke (still in the Word Processor) and it will switch the reference in the clipboard with the reference and the text of the verse(s).

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