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Beginner’s First theWord Class

Beginner’s First theWord Class is for a newbie just starting to use theWord, explains the windows with the program Beginner’s First theWord Class By David Cox Class Objective: This page is a basic beginning point for the brand new theWord user. From here we will link to other pages/clases for you to go through and learn, and then come back here. (You must install the software before anything else. If it is not installed, then please install it.) … Read entire article »

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theWord Bible Search: How to search the Bible

theWord Bible Search By David Cox Class Objective: In this class we want to just get started on searching the Bible. For purposes of simplicity, we will use the KJV Bible version, but I will also show you how to change that to any Bible version you have installed. theWord Bible Search is the topic of this class. … Read entire article »

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F5 theWord Copy Verses Function

F5 theWord Copy Verses Function By David Cox Class Objective: This TW feature is for formatting and inserting verses into the clipboard so that you can insert them into another application or program, or into another module within TW. Note that theWord will allow you to make very specific and minute tweaks to how it pastes Bible text into the clipboard. Although at first you probably think that this is not very important nor useful, think again. The reason why you want to understand and dominate this class is because if you use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or some other software in your ministry, and you use the Bible in those programs, you will want to use TW’s features to quickly insert Bible verses into that other application. I do this a lot … Read entire article »

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How to install TW “normally” on a Windows machine

How to install TW “normally” on a Windows machine

Objective: To go through the steps to “normally” install TheWord in a typical Windows PC. _________ Introduction For those who are familiar with installing new programs into their Windows computer, this post will probably be very boring for you, so please jump to the bottom about “Making the decision of what kind of install you want.” I am going through each step of finding, downloading, and installing the program for those newbies to computers here. People have asked … Read entire article »

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theWord layout Sets

Class Objective: theWord layout. This page will teach you why, and how to make different layouts for TheWord, so that when you do different things, each will have a specific layout of Bibles, books, windows, etc. ___________ … Read entire article »

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Setting the Default Bible Version theWord

Class Objective: How to set the default Bible Version in TW. Definition: What is the default Bible Version. TheWord has the ability to use many different Bible versions, and among these are Bibles in English and other foreign languages, specialized Bible versions with Strong’s numbers, footnotes, translator’s notes, cross-reference notes, and a host of other add-ons. Besides that, there exists some TW Bible modules that have more than one translation in them, i.e. Interlineals between Hebrew and English, Greek and English, even the Septuagint and Greek. Besides that, there are Greek and Hebrew Bibles. With all of these options, there arises a problem. This problem is in certain situations, like when TW has a reference to a Bible in a book or commentary module, which of these Bible versions is the Bible version … Read entire article »

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