Using Skins in TheWord

Skins in TheWord

By David Cox

Note that in TheWord, you can also make use of TW skins. These are predefined color preferences for the different windows (panes) in TheWord. Costas has also made it possible for your users to make their own skin color combinations (more about that after I get the rest of this site up and running).

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Method: Greek Translation

Class Objective: This page will teach you how to set up theWord to study the Bible using two Greek Bible versions, two non-Greek Bible versions, Strong’s Dictionary, and Robinson’s Morphology Codes.

In this method, I want to show you how I set up my theWord windows to translate or study the original Greek language. Putting aside all the discussion about Bible manuscripts, I just want to look at a passage in the KJV, in a Greek Bible, and in Spanish (I am a missionary in Mexico). As such I am comparing 2 non-Greek versions with two Greek versions.

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Using Hebrew-Greek Bibles (Easy) (Layout)

Class Objective: To set up a TW layout with a Bible and Greek-Hebrew Lexicons (Dictionaries) for looking up words in a Bible passage.

The purpose of this class is to help the student work in Greek and Hebrew with theWord. theWord has a lot of flexibility in its layout. You can move windows, add, take away windows, and set up things as you want. But as any Greek or Hebrew student knows, this is for using one set of skills, original language study.

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