Introduction to theWord Tutorial Website

Welcome to my new website!

This website is set up to help TheWord ( users to understand, learn how to use, and master TheWord. I will be constantly adding new posts to this website with information on how to use the program. What are some of the advantages of this program? 1) Free, 2) powerful for intense detailed Bible study, 3) suited for studies in Greek and Hebrew, 4) tremendous free module library database available, 5) study methods unavailable in other free or commercial Bible software. Continue reading Introduction to theWord Tutorial Website

Making HyperLinks theWord Bible verse References

Basically, theWord is an exceptionally full-featured program for making hyperlinks. This feature allows you to link text to other places within the same module, within other modules, and also to Bible verses. (version specific if you desire). You can also make hyperlinks to the Internet.  Continue reading Making HyperLinks theWord Bible verse References

Specialized theWord Study Area

Specialized theWord Study Area. Today we live in a day when most people have huge hard disks. Space is a luxury most people have. In this post, I just want to share with you something that I have been doing for years. It works really well most of the time. What I am talking about is physically making a tw installation on your computer for just a specialized study. What we are going to do is to set up an area with just certain modules.

What I am suggesting here can also be done with Module Layout Sets. So this is not the only way to set up something similar.

Continue reading Specialized theWord Study Area

Module Set: Parables & Types

Module Set: Parables & Types

Class Description: This class post is simply the steps to make a Parables module set for TheWord. Note that you will need to have these modules installed into your system before you can make the module set, but below are links to find them on our The Word Library site. Continue reading Module Set: Parables & Types

Installing theWord on Mac-Linux-Ubuntu

I will be open about this, I don’t have a linux machine nor a Mac. But from the feedback from the many people who have installed theWord on these platforms it is fully possible to install and use the program on these platforms.

NOTE: Being a Mac or Linux user, you should be aware of the possibility of using Windows programs on your platform via a WINE (Windows Interpretation and Emulator). This WINE program is also free. These programs are platform specific, and they allow you to install theWord program on your machine. It is possible. Continue reading Installing theWord on Mac-Linux-Ubuntu