KJV Using Tense-Voice-Mood

KJV Using Tense-Voice-Mood

Download this file: KJV+TVM

Down below the download link, there is another link to TVM dictionary. You will need that also.

Within the TW search functions, you can search on a particular lemma (vocabulary word) as well as how it is used within the verse. This is basically Greek and Hebrew Geek stuff, but if you understand Greek and Hebrew, then it is a powerful tool for research and study.
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Installing theWord on Mac-Linux-Ubuntu

I will be open about this, I don’t have a linux machine nor a Mac. But from the feedback from the many people who have installed theWord on these platforms it is fully possible to install and use the program on these platforms.

NOTE: Being a Mac or Linux user, you should be aware of the possibility of using Windows programs on your platform via a WINE (Windows Interpretation and Emulator). This WINE program is also free. These programs are platform specific, and they allow you to install theWord program on your machine. It is possible. Continue reading Installing theWord on Mac-Linux-Ubuntu

Greek Geeks – Greek Bibles

Greek Geeks
Greek Bibles

theWord Greek Geeks Download Corner
General Books | Dictionaries | Commentaries | Word Studies | Bibles in Greek

In this post, I will be adding download links for various works of special interest to those who know Greek and use it to study the Bible. Note that every time I add new things I will update the post date to that date so that it will appear as a new post.

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