03 NT Tool Tip Utility.

As the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. This is true also when you make Bible modules. I would make a comment here, that THE BEST WAY for making a module for theWord is within the program itself. That I say because every time you pass a module through a converter, you run the risk of corrupting parts of it. In the “old days” (I have been in this business of creating modules for about 15 years I guess. I started with e-Sword, and migrated to theWord and mySword.) I ran across modules made by who knows for e-Sword, and the module just would not work correctly in any Bible program. I converted them to theWord and they still were giving me weird behavior. So the preferred method is with theWord itself. MySword is a Bible app for the Android devices, and you cannot make anything natively in that program. You have to make the module in e-Sword or theWord and convert it.

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01b Editing Module Properties General Properties

This second part of the editing Module Properties Class will look at the essential information in the Module Properties tab. Once you right click on a module’s name in the module tab about it, then you will see the image below. Here in “Darby’s Dictionary” (posts November 12, 2017) from theword-dictionaries.com , you will see the Darby Dictionary information as an example.

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