00 Module Creation Overview

In this post, I will give you an overview of how to create theWord modules. First of all, there are considerations and decisions to be made before you start.


If the work is under copyright, you cannot make modules out of it. Having said that, it is not exactly right. But that is the general rule. These are some considerations…

  1. If you own the copyrights, you can make modules out of the work, but you need to put some in module properties as to whether you are allowing public distribution or not. Note that often times you will get a lot of modules in your library, and some of your own works that you actually wrote, and somebody wants a copy of your library and your works “get loose” at some point, so it is better to just go ahead and make a decision and put it in the modules. If your personal works are just for you, put (c) first in the filename to help you remember not to distribute it.
  2. If somebody else owns the work and you don’t have permission. Again, there is a lot of piracy on the Internet, and depending on how you view this, you might make a work for your own personal use. In a lot of cases, brothers have written very good material and simply have not given permission, and yet they make it public by putting it on the Internet. If you print out those pages, it is not wrong, and I don’t see copying it into a tw module as much different. Everybody must decide on these cases. On the one hand, people shouldn’t put their works on the Internet if they don’t want others to use it. On the other hand, a LOT of people are grabbing copies of a book, scanning it, and uploading it when there is no permissions being given. In general, if the work is for sale, don’t upload it to the Internet even if you find it for free.
  3. A copyrighted work is available, and you ask the copyright owner for permission to make it into a module. This is the best way. If you write to me, I can host free works (and a great number of preachers and others will be delighted in you sharing their works, just ask them), and if it is a commercial work, tell the person to please give permission to Costas or on the customer service form on theWordbooks.com which is where premium modules are contracted and sold with part of the sale of each book goes back to the copyright holder.

Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit is a 3 part, 15 Chapter work on various matters of the Holy Spirit. From the Deeper Life Movement
PDF:Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit.
theWord:Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit.
MySword:Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit.
eSword:Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit.


Type of Raw Material

Next, you need to consider what type of material you have. How to arrange it for a module. See module types in this post, .Create a New Book Module.

theWord is a versatile Bible software that lends itself to many things in the study of the Bible. Anything from commentary study, Greek and Hebrew word studies in the original languages, and even map studies with a separate mini-program to view large graphic files like maps.

How you use theWord in your own personal case

As a student of the Bible, I sometimes rummage around in writings of the church fathers. To me, I see value in reading the thoughts, arguments, and logic of other Christians, even if I drastically oppose their conclusions. What we have is only a small percentage of what has been worked over by Christians and preachers over the ages. That is because there was no medium whereby their works could be preserved until paper and ink came along, and even with that, the medium was temporary, and eventually their works were lost to rotting and not enough people to keep renewing copies of these works. We have no idea what we have lost because of this.

But today, we have the ability to save every preacher’s thoughts. That is maybe not a good thing, maybe some are better off lost and never expounded in the first place (think of Joseph Smith and Russell, Rutherford, etc of the Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses), but we have the ability. What is lacking is simply that ministers learn how to put their notes into theWord format and upload them into a website that can house these things for posterity. Maybe one day in the near future, that will be illegal, and only those Christians who have downloaded these works to their personal computers will have access to these libraries.

I would encourage every minister to put all of their sermons into theWord Modules and send them to me (there are other websites also) and upload them for the benefit of others both now and in the future.

Basic Module Creation Steps

  1. Create the Windows archive for your module.
  2. Create a Topic.
  3. Open your source document, and copy from your source, and paste into your new module.
  4. Fill out the Module Properties for the module.
  5. Run the Script in Module properties to detect Verse


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