Simple Bible Reader

The Simple Bible Reader program is a program which is made for converting modules from one Bible format to another. I did not create nor do I maintain this program, it is developed by other people.

WARNING: Simple Bible Reader is not actively developed or supported. Recent releases are just to keep it compatible with modern operating systems. 

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This program is available from many different places on the Internet. Please check some of these websites to download it.


NOTICE: MySword has now made a new version of their program that will read directly theWord and eSword modules natively, without having to convert them. I believe it is available for a donation. But it is well worthy it if you need a Bible on your Android.

I have tried to use this program, and it does make a conversion, but I didn’t have much luck as far as being able to read the new modules in the corresponding program. But none-the-less, I offer it here as a possibility when converting modules from one format to another.

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Simple Bible Reader
Simple Bible Reader
Version: 3.0
1.4 MiB
Version: 2.4
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