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Simple Bible Reader

The Simple Bible Reader program is a program which is made for converting modules from one Bible format to another. I did not create nor do I maintain this program, it is developed by other people.

WARNING: Simple Bible Reader is not actively developed or supported. Recent releases are just to keep it compatible with modern operating systems. 

This program is available from many different places on the Internet. Please check some of these websites to download it.


NOTICE: MySword has now made a new version of their program that will read directly theWord and eSword modules natively, without having to convert them. I believe it is available for a donation. But it is well worthy it if you need a Bible on your Android.

I have tried to use this program, and it does make a conversion, but I didn’t have much luck as far as being able to read the new modules in the corresponding program. But none-the-less, I offer it here as a possibility when converting modules from one format to another.


Simple Bible Reader
Simple Bible Reader
Version: 3.0
1.4 MiB
Version: 2.4
1.1 MiB

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