Visually Impaired Users

Visually Impaired Users

Class Objective: This class explains the TheWord options for using the program when you have eyesight problems.

Many legally blind people who can still see some are using computers as they can to study the Bible. TheWord has a few options that make using it easier for these people.

General Suggestions

First of all, some of these types of people have talked to me, and there are system level helps that are applicable to all programs. I am no expert on these, but you should investigate them first before changing one program and fighting with all the rest on your computer.

I would recount an experience I had with one such user. He had a regular desktop computer, but purchased a large screen TV, and connected the computer output to his TV. The end result was a screen that was about 3 feet across that he could easily read. I would also recommend that you consider purchasing a small video projector, and rearranging your work area so that you have a desk about 5-6 feet from a blank wall, and setting up the video projector so it projects on the wall. We do this in our small church for congregational singing, and I have used the same setup when presenting TheWord instructional conferences. Using an Epson video projector, you just connect a regular USB cable to the projector, and the projector downloads the necessary driver files to your computer on the fly and in a minute or two you are seeing your screen on the wall. It would seem to me that this is the best setup for those with eye sight problems (which is where I am headed).

Enlarging Bible Texts (Temporarily)

There are times when you might want to temporarily enlarge a Bible text, say for example when viewing a Greek or especially a Hebrew text with vowel pointing. These icons on the left hand side of the BibleView window will do this. (Note: If there are no icons on the left hand side of the BibleView window, press CTRL+T to toggle the icons on or off).

Enlarging Bible Texts

To permanently enlarge the text size of a Bible, TheWord again shines wonderfully. Go to the Main Menu -> File -> Preferences. There select the tab at the top that says

In this window, you can individually set the font size for each Bible version you have installed as well as set the default Bible version.