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In this post, I will be adding download links for various works of special interest to those who know Greek and use it to study the Bible. Note that every time I add new things I will update the post date to that date so that it will appear as a new post.

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How do I change the background of a BookView Window?

Change the background of a BookView Window

How do I change the background of a BookView Window, or use an image?

By David Cox

WARNING: This feature is only in the present Beta version of TheWord. Sorry for not catching this sooner. I am using that version and didn’t notice that it isn’t in the current version.

Actually this is very simple to do. Please remember that TW has an “internal memory” of these BookView windows that you set up, and basically every time you open a new one, it will assign it to an internal slot. So if you change the background on a new Bookview window (having 2 others open), and set it to something, it is in the third Bookview window “slot”. You use a different layout with only 1 Bookview window, you will have to follow the instructions below and redo all of this for the number 1 Bookview window slot. This tip is for those of you who like to “pimp up” their software-system… :) Here is an example of what it will look like…

Personally, I would only recommend pastel colors.

How to Make it

First of all open the Module Set Icon (click the triangle to the right of the icon).


Here click the Options (for using an Image or a Color).


Click on the “Select…” option and then select an image from your hard drive. If you are using something you found on the Internet, you will need to download it to your hard disk first to now install the image here in “Select…”.

PROBLEMS: If you have don’t see the “Reader’s background image” option, try upgrading your version of TheWord. It is probably older.


Both of these options are pretty straight-forward. (Note that I set the color first with still shows on the left hand topics list, then the background image.)
Here are some examples… Enjoy!
Download the background image here (Right Click on Image and save to your hard disk, and then install with instructions above):

background paper seamless
background parchment seamless
background really old paper

Dods-parables Gbk
Dods-parables Gbk
356.0 KiB