Parakletos Word Study in theWord G3870

Parakletos Word Study in theWord is a post about a study I am doing for Discipleship, and this post has images of how I am using theWord Free Bible Software program to do the study. Parakletos Word Study in theWord is for an appendix in this book I am writing. Parakletos is the Greek word for Comforter.

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Bible Study: Purgatory


In Roman Catholic theology, purgatory is an intermediate state after physical death in which some of those ultimately destined for heaven must first “undergo purification, so as to achieve the holiness necessary to enter the joy of heaven,” holding that “certain offenses can be forgiven in this age, but certain others in the age to come.” And that entrance into Heaven requires the “remission before God of the temporal punishment due to sins whose guilt has already been forgiven,” for which indulgences may be given which remove “either part or all of the temporal punishment due to sin,” such as an “unhealthy attachment” to sin.

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Grace Word Study (expanded v2) – election or blessing?

Grace Word Study

Grace Word Study. A study on the concept of Grace. Calvinism makes great use of “grace” as a key defining concept for their doctrines, but a simple reading of all the Bible’s mention of grace will show that (1) Calvinism’s presumptions about grace are a redefinition never actually found or validated in Scripture. (2) Grace is the blessing of God on a person, and that it is not necessarily salvation, or just salvation, and the emphasis is not on selection (election) but on the spiritual blessing. Moreover (3) grace is conditioned by God (before God decides to give grace) on certain character and actions that please God being and existing sincerely in the individual before grace is given by God to him.

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Word Study: Ρεςαρδ Reward

To do a study on a concept, you will need to get some information together and also some resources. In this post, I will outline some of this for you.

Find the word/concept in the original language. (Note I am assuming that a word study and concept study are very similar if not the same thing.)

Open theWord, and within it open a Bible Search Window.  Enter reward in the search box.

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