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theWord hyperlink creation in theWord

Class objective: To make an ebook type topic with an outline and notes, page anchors, and with hyperlinks to these anchors/main subtopics. theWord hyperlink creation theWord hyperlink creation. There are many ebook applications out there, one of the best and most popular is a simple Adobe Acrobat file (a pdf file). If properly made, a PDF can have an outline, with a table of contents and each point in it being a hyperlink to that section. There are epub books, and a host of other types of software and formats whereby you can make the material of a book or Bible study into a “public document with navigation”. However, the advantage of theWord over all of these, is that theWord automatically formats and links all Bible references into the Bible, and this … Read entire article »

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BookView Topic List Panel

Class Objective: To help the user understand the module’s topic list panel. Bookview Topic List Panel Introduction When using a regular paper and ink book, the smart student will know the existence of a table of contents or index in the front of the book (usually) and if he or she is not going to read the entire book, but check out some part of it, that is where they would go to. With theWord, the module can be made such that each chapter of the book is in a separate “topic” (the equivalent of a chapter in a paper and ink book). By opening the topics panel of a book module, you can then navigate more intelligently the book. One note: This feature has to be introduced when the module is made, and some … Read entire article »

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How do I change the background of a BookView Window?

How do I change the background of a BookView Window?

Change the background of a BookView Window How do I change the background of a BookView Window, or use an image? By David Cox WARNING: This feature is only in the present Beta version of TheWord. Sorry for not catching this sooner. I am using that version and didn’t notice that it isn’t in the current version. Actually this is very simple to do. Please remember that TW has an “internal memory” of these BookView windows that you set … Read entire article »

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Finding modules quickly

Finding modules quickly Class Objective: How to quickly go to a specific module in your library. This class presumes that you have said module you are looking for in the active Module Layout Set, and if not it will not appear. … Read entire article »

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