BookView Topic List Panel

Class Objective: To help the user understand the module’s topic list panel. Bookview Topic List Panel


When using a regular paper and ink book, the smart student will know the existence of a table of contents or index in the front of the book (usually) and if he or she is not going to read the entire book, but check out some part of it, that is where they would go to. With theWord, the module can be made such that each chapter of the book is in a separate “topic” (the equivalent of a chapter in a paper and ink book). By opening the topics panel of a book module, you can then navigate more intelligently the book.

One note: This feature has to be introduced when the module is made, and some lazy module creators do not do this but put the entire work on a single topic (or chapter). Granted that for a very short work, this is fine, but for most works, they need to be separated into individual topics to make them more manageable.

Dagg Manual of Theology
(and links to this work in various other formats).
Dagg Manual of Theology (MySword for Android)
Dagg Manual of Theology (theWord Bible Format)
Dagg Manual of Theology (esword format)
Dagg Manual of Theology (PDF Format)

Bookview Topic List Panel

Bookview Topic List Panel
Bookview Topic List Panel

First of all, note that this side panel is attached (always) to the particular book module that is in this bookview window.

Secondly note that there is an icon of an open book just above the panel, to the immediate right of the two green arrows (they may be grayed out if you just opened this bookview window as in my image above). This icon toggles the book’s Topic list panel on and off from visibility.

This topic list is for quick navigation and finding of topics in a book. If you prefer a drop down (where you can type the first few letters of a topic to quickly go to it), then to the right of the book topic list toggle icon there is this drop down box.