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Welcome to my new website!

This website is set up to help TheWord ( users to understand, learn how to use, and master TheWord. I will be constantly adding new posts to this website with information on how to use the program. What are some of the advantages of this program? 1) Free, 2) powerful for intense detailed Bible study, 3) suited for studies in Greek and Hebrew, 4) tremendous free module library database available, 5) study methods unavailable in other free or commercial Bible software.

Notice in the right sidebar that there are categories of posts. These are arranged to help you find what you are looking for. Note that a particular lesson is double registered in the Categories, once in the area which it is dealing with, and a second time in the classes section depending upon the level of the user. I would recommend beginning TheWord users to study through the classes. (Although I recommend going through all the classes from the beginning, of course, nobody wants to do that. We never “read the instructions first”, do we!) If you are a more advanced user or trying to search for a particular feature or “how to do something”, then search the other areas.

Cummings Through the Eternal Spirit: A Biblical Study on the Holy Ghost is a 25 chapter work on the Holy Spirit from 1896. NT and OT verses. Some Chapters: 4. The Spirit in the Word, 7. Pentecost: What it was, and what it did, 9. What Pentecost was for the church, 10. Pentecost in relation to the individual believer now, 11. "Baptism in the Spirit:" His being received, His "falling" on men, and other expressions. 21. Power. 23. Temples of the Holy Spirit. 315 pages.
theWord Format: Cummings Through the Eternal Spirit
PDF Format: Cummings Through the Eternal Spirit
eSword Format: Cummings Through the Eternal Spirit
MySword Format: Cummings Through the Eternal Spirit

General Introduction to theWord Program Videos

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An overview from theWord Software Programmer.

My name is David Cox, and I am this website’s webmaster. I am separate from Costas Stergiou, which is the designer and programmer of theWord program. Below is a video from Costas about the program.


Warning to the people behind the 3000+ hacking attempts trying to bust into my website from Puerto Rico, PLEASE STOP! 

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  1. Thanks for putting this site together! I love TheWord and I’m happy to find a site I can point people to who are just getting started with this great program. You’ve done a great service to the community by posting these tutorials and the module links.

    God Bless and keep up the good work!


  2. Thank you for this gift, I really appreciate it.

    Father YHWH bless you!

    South Africa greetings

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