How to uninstall modules

How to uninstall modules
By David Cox

Question: I have many modules installed and they are showing up double, so how do I uninstall extra modules in theWord.

First of all, let’s get some things straight. What theWord presents to you in the book module selector bar is what the module layout set has. There may or may not be multiple copies of the book in your installation. When you setup a Module Layout Set (See How to Make Module Sets), you need to first click “Clear Tree” before you make a new module set, or you risk having some modules show up twice. This needs to be checked first.

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Note: You can go to your module set layout dialog box (the green books icon on the left of the BookView window) and hand delete the duplicates, but if you create new module sets using the template feature, the duplicates will continue to show up, so you do need to physically delete the two files.

How to Uninstall a Module

Once you have determined that it is not a “ghost” (one single module appearing twice in the book module selector bar), then you need to check one more thing before uninstalling the module. First go to each of the modules in question which I like having two bookview windows open at once to do this (F12 will open a new Bookview window), and check which is the one that is good, and which is not. If the module in question has been editing by you, then you need to check this. If it is simply something you downloaded and haven’t made any edits, then don’t worry about. Find the module YOU WANT TO UNINSTALL (click on it so that it is in the bookview window, and then module properties, and note the physical location and name of the file).

Close down theWord completely (not minimizing it, but exiting the program). Open a Windows Explorer and go to where you noted the module file is found, and delete it. Reopen theWord and it should not appear.

Note: theWord makes a list of the modules “it sees” when it opens first thing, and from that list, you can select modules. It does not keep this list from session to session. You will know what is officially “seen” by theWord because theWord locks that file, and you cannot rename it, copy it, etc.

Thanks to Kenneth Wood for submitting this question.