Method: English Bible Study, Word Search

Method: English Bible Study, Word Search
By David Cox

Class Objective: Set up and use TheWord for studying in the English Bible, and do word searches. (We will be exclusively in the Bible module in this class).

Kimble-interpreting-parables-e Gbk
Kimble-interpreting-parables-e Gbk
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Make the Window Layout

The first thing to do is to set up the different windows in a layout. We will want a BibleView window (F12), and a BibleView Search Window (F9). You can close the other BibleView windows and BookView Windows if you want to, or just leave them open.

Reference: Layout Book Search Bible

Select a Bible Version

Select a Bible from the Bible Version Selector Bar.

Reference: Bible Version Selector Bar

Enter a search word

Go through the results in the BibleSearch View window.