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Website Goal - It is the purpose of this website to present free theWord Bible Software modules in large zip files for easy downloading. We are here to serve you, the theWord community. Please consider making a small $5 or $10 donation (on the sidebar below) once a year to help us cover our website expenses. This website exists because of your help. Thanks!

Converting Online Bible modules to a txt file, then to theWord, and then to MySword

I came across this video on that I thought was very good and simple. It is taking a free online Bible version, converting it to a text file, and then importing it into theWord and then finally converting it to MySword. … Read entire article »

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Clipboard Monitor Options

Clipboard Monitor Options By David Cox Class Objective: In this class, we want to explore the “Watching the Clipboard” options so that we can change and set these options to different things.Clipboard Monitor Options Dialog BoxThese are the options for the Watching Clipboard function. Bible text Essentially this is what Bible version you want to see in the popup. Note that you have the option to set any installed Bible version, but you also have the option to use the current Bible (current as in the current Bible in the BibleView window), and also you can choose for it to show the default Bible.Clipboard Monitor Window placement Another very useful option is for TW to show you the Bible verses you have copied to the clipboard in the popup window at a certain location on … Read entire article »

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F5 theWord Copy Verses Function

F5 theWord Copy Verses Function By David Cox Class Objective: This TW feature is for formatting and inserting verses into the clipboard so that you can insert them into another application or program, or into another module within TW. Note that theWord will allow you to make very specific and minute tweaks to how it pastes Bible text into the clipboard. Although at first you probably think that this is not very important nor useful, think again. The reason why you want to understand and dominate this class is because if you use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or some other software in your ministry, and you use the Bible in those programs, you will want to use TW’s features to quickly insert Bible verses into that other application. I do this a lot … Read entire article »

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theWord Bible Verse List Feature

theWord Bible Verse List Feature By David Cox Class Objective: To gather a list of verses together to paste into a Word Processor or use within TW.Note: This feature of TW is available when you click on the “List” icon on the Bible Selector Bar.Why you want to use Bible Lists theWord is a program that allows you to gather, search, arrange, and present a tremendous amount of Bible knowledge. One thing you can do very well with TheWord is to find verses of the Bible about some topic of interest. But if you are studying some Bible topic, and you come across 50, 60, or 70 verses on that topic, wouldn’t you want to save them, review them, add to them, and remove some that are not so good? TW allows you … Read entire article »

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Removing Bible Versions from Version Selector Bar

How do I remove so many Bible Versions from the Bible Version Selector Bar without uninstalling them?… Read entire article »

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Bible-Dictionary Lookup Popup

Description of Feature Dictionary Lookup Popup. When you setup this feature of the word, you can quickly lookup the definition of a Bible word in various commentaries completely AUTOMATICALLY with just passing the mouse over the word in a Bible. Note that TheWord will put as many or as few Bible Dictionaries (optionally any module will work) into the mix to search, and when the popup shows, YOU HOLD DOWN SHIFT and click in the popup window, and you can then scroll down the window to see the different dictionary definitions.This Bible Dictionary feature is extremely powerful and useful, and you can use it to quickly (almost instantaneously) see many definitions of a word. See below at the bottom of this post for more uses of this feature. (Note that in the illustrations … Read entire article »

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How do I show the BibleView Window Options Icons (at left)

BibleView Window Options Icons Topic: How do I show the BibleView Window Options Icons (at left) By David Cox BibleView Window Options Icons. When using theWord, at times you accidentally press a wrong combination of keys, and you are left with something you don’t want. I have been using theWord working in a Bible, and all of sudden the entire left hand icons disappear on me, well actually, I pressed the wrong keys and they disappeared on me. For most things with theWord you can go to the main menu at the top, and you can search there for turning something on or off. But in this particular case, you will need to know how to do this while you have the Bibleview window in particular active. Then it is very easy. Tip: So if you … Read entire article »

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TheWord Keyboard Short Cuts

theWord keyboard short cuts CLASS OBJECTIVE: This page is a reference page with all the keyboard short cuts for TheWord. theWord keyboard short cuts. theWord keyboard short cuts. In this tutorial class we give a few short cuts key strokes for working with theWord program. I am just going to list them here, and in other places on this website I will describe exactly what they are.… Read entire article »

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Eliminating theWord Bible text brackets

Eliminating theWord Bible text brackets Eliminating theWord Bible text brackets. Tip: How do you get rid of the square brackets in the Bible texts? (Also when copying and pasting?) Eph 1:2 Grace [be] to you, and peace, from God our Father, and [from] the Lord Jesus Christ. As you see in this example, these words are added words by the translators. Depending on your view of these things and what version of the Bible you are using, this can be distracting. The more modern version play rough with the original text and they, in general, don’t mind changing the exact words to something similar, so this is not even appearing in those Bible versions. For the Bible versions that try to maintain a one-to-one correspondence, this can appear in these more biblically true … Read entire article »

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How to install theWord Modules

OBJECTIVE: To show the user how to install different types of theWord modules into their theWord program. See also FAQ: I installed a module and it doesn’t show up. [firstchapter:General Install Info] [chapters:200,left] First a little explanation about modules and the theWord program. The theWord program is a program that works with modules which these modules is where the actual information is contained. Each module (Bible, commentary, dictionary, or book) has it’s own format, and absolutely needs the main theWord program to work. If you compare this Bible program to the Microsoft Word program which many people use daily, we see the way theWord works. First of all, Microsoft Word has its’ own program files which it keeps in the Windows programs folder. Then you open Microsoft Word and “look for a Microsoft Word document”. The … Read entire article »

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