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Using Commentary Links

Class Objective: To study through a portion of Scripture in the BibleView Window, using commentary links popups to lookup various commentaries on specific verses. So what we are going to do in this class is to simply go over how to use the Commentary Links in the BibleView window. To use this feature of theWord, you will first need to open a BibleView window. Another requirement here, you will need to download some commentaries to use this feature. Go to my module site, to the bookshelf page (, and there I have a dozen list pages with commentaries to download.To quickly do this, in the left-hand column of the BibleView Window (press F11 to open a BibleView window if one is not open), and then at the bottom of the left-hand … Read entire article »

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Module Set: Commentaries

Class Description: This post will go through how to make a Module set to see all your installed commentaries. Prerequisite: Read and study How to Make a Model Sets. Resource: Where do I download free Commentary Modules?General theWord Commentary Download Library.In above link, click the “Bible Commentaries” in the sidebar to select only on specific books of the Bible.Bible Outline-Synopsis Commentaries. Cross Reference Commentaries. Devotional Commentaries. Exegetical Commentaries. Technical Commentaries.One of the advantages of TheWord is the ability to make subsets of all your modules. In this class, we will make a Commentary Module set. What’s the purpose and advantage of this is in using and searching your modules, you can reduce what TW has to go through (filtering results and cutting down on search times) by just including commentaries. I would think that the more commentaries that are out there, … Read entire article »

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Using the Commentary Template

Class Objective: To master how to use the Commentary Module Template. What is the Commentary Module Template? Suppose you want to be adventurous and make a commentary on the entire Bible. Truly you are getting yourself into a big projector that will in best cases scenarios take you a long time. Few people will want to do that from the start of making modules. What most people (probably wisely) will do is to select say Martin Luther’s commentary on Galatians, and make that into a commentary module. Okay, as things are, TW will let you individually type in each chapter and verse of Galatians, and if you start with that, you will probably spend an entire day doing that. You could populate the entire commentary using the Options above the Module Topics window, … Read entire article »

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Using Inline Commentaries

CLASS OBJECTIVE: In this tutorial class, I will show you how to use theWord inline commentaries function.  What you see below is a simple BibleView window (KJV on left, commentary on the right). What makes this such a powerful tool is that you can set your commentaries in this inline commentary function, and you can read through/study through a passage of Scripture and read the commentary with it quickly.Before we get too involved in this one, there is a short-cut  key to do this, which first is clicking in the BibleView Window you want the commentaries to appear in, and the typing a single letter: N – Toggles the commentaries off (hides them). C – Shows the commentaries below the Bible verse. T –  Show the commentaries besides the Bible verse (see image above for … Read entire article »

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