extra spacing above title

Extra spacing at top of Topic

Extra spacing at top of Topic is a module creation principle class, where some modules have unnecessary spacing around the title of a work.

As you can see in the image, there is a lot of extra space around the title and the author byline. This is totally unnecessary. When we create a module, it is to be used on a computer. Space is of a premium so delete all of the extra lines around the title.

Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit is a work of 5 chapters by the editor of the Scofield Bible, C.I. Scofield. He was a great biblical scholar. I am presenting this work in various formats.
PDF: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit
theWord: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit
eSword: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit
MySword: Scofield Plain Papers on the Holy Spirit

While we are on this topic, look at the column of topics. All the prefatory material of a book, for instance, the table of contents, the preface, the introduction, the copyright information, etc. None of that really should be broken apart into separate topics. We need to understand that even though the book may have this information on separate pages, we are working in an electronic library, and we must adjust things for working in this medium.

How about a book that has 20 chapters and everything is in a single topic. These kinds of things work. I mean, a person studying some topic can read through the entire topic, reading all 20 chapters. But we want to index works so that we can find certain key words. First of all, the best way to find a mention of say “atonement” is to search ticking the topic content option. This will search the modules that you have, and every topic where the word occurs will be in the list. #1 it will always take longer than just searching topics (chapter titles alone). #2 You may very well get 1000s of topic hits. This will take you a longer amount of time to search through visually and visit briefly the important ones. How about our 20 chapters in one single topic? It may be found in there, but there is another problem. You cannot tell if there is a complete chapter on the atonement in that work.

You see, when an author makes a complete chapter on a single subject, he is giving a lot of his attention and energies to that subject. When you search and find chapter titles (topics titles) only mentioning the keyword, there is a very high probability that those hits or results are going to be intensive works on the keyword. So it is better to make the topic titles individually searchable.

But what information is a topic named “”preface” going to tell you? Why would you be searching for a “Preface” title anyway? These broken apart topic titles only add to the number of topics the program has to search through to find something. Better to combine them all into the work title topic.

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