Introduction to TheWordTutorial Website

This is a welcome and general introduction to theWord.

Layout Setups for TheWord

This class explains how to setup theWord Module Layout Sets

BibleView Window Elements Basic

Class Objectives: In this class you will learn the basic elements of the BibleView Window including. Like this:Like Loading…

General Overview & Bible Window


This post has a youtube video which is a general overview of the program. Excellent video! This video basically focuses on the kinds of sub-windows in the program, and how to open and use them (as a general help).

Word Study: “grace” (expanded v2) election or blessing?

This is a word study on the concept of Grace. This is not just a “how-to”, but it is a how-to using an actual topic to study part of the Bible, using TW.

Module Set: Dictionaries

This post is a list of different dictionary sets that you can download for your use (almost all are free).

How to journey through the Bible

This class is just a compilation of how to use the BibleView window to view verses, and various other helpful hints.

Keyboard Short Cuts for TheWord

In this post we explain what are the keyboard short cuts for theWord.

BookView Topic List Panel

What is a a topic list panel?

What hardware is required for TheWord to run?

In this post we explain the hardware requirements for theWord program.

FAQ: Faulty Module Abbreviation

What happens when two files have the same TW ID.