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Introduction to TheWordTutorial Website

Welcome to my new website! This website is set up to help TheWord ( users to understand, learn how to use, and master TheWord. I will be constantly adding new posts to this website with information on how to use the program. What are some of the advantages of this program? 1) Free, 2) powerful for intense detailed Bible study, 3) suited for studies in Greek and Hebrew, 4) tremendous free module library database available, 5) study methods unavailable in other free or commercial Bible software. … Read entire article »


BibleView Window Elements Basic

Class Objectives: In this class you will learn the basic elements of the BibleView Window including. … Read entire article »


General Overview & Bible Window

General Overview & Bible Window This video by Paul Chapman basically focuses on the kinds of sub-windows in the program, and how to open and use them (as a general help). … Read entire article »

Word Study: “grace” (expanded v2) election or blessing?

A study on the concept of Grace. Calvinism makes great use of “grace” as a key defining concept for their doctrines, but a simple reading of all the Bible’s mention of grace will show that (1) Calvinism’s presumptions about grace are a redefinition never actually found or validated in Scripture. (2) Grace is the blessing of God on a person, and that it is not necessarily salvation, or just salvation, and the emphasis is not on selection (election) but on the spiritual blessing. Moreover (3) grace is conditioned by God (before God decides to give grace) on certain character and actions that please God being and existing sincerely in the individual before grace is … Read entire article »

Module Set: Dictionaries

Class Description: This post will go through how to make a Module set to see all your installed dictionaries. Prerequisite: Read and study How to Make a Model Sets. Resource: Where do I download free Dictionary Modules? Main Dictionary Module index. Hebrew Lexicons, Grammars, and other Heb. Reference Works. Another Link for Hebrew Lexicons. Greek Lexicons, Grammars, and other Greek Reference Works. Another Link for Greek Lexicons. Straight English Bible Dictionaries (little or no Greek-Hebrew). Chain Reference Bible Dictionaries. English Bible Concordance Type Dictionaries. English Language Dictionaries. Sermon Illustration Dictionaries.   … Read entire article »

How to journey through the Bible

Class Objective: In this class we will show you how to “journey through the Bible.” The idea here is how to use TheWord such that you can easily get around in a Bible jumping from place to place. Open a Bibleview window if it is not yet open (F11). Overview The first thing here is understand how to use the program to get what you want. In this tutorial we will assume that you are using the Bible search function or you have a list of verses (say in a book) that you are using to visit and read. Please review the class on how to select different versions of the Bible, Bible Version Selector Bar. [dfads params=’groups=79&limit=1′] How to get … Read entire article »

Keyboard Short Cuts for TheWord

CLASS OBJECTIVE: This page is a reference page with all the keyboard short cuts for TheWord. … Read entire article »

BookView Topic List Panel

Class Objective: To help the user understand the module’s topic list panel. First of all note that this side panel is attached (always) to the particular book module that is in this bookview window. Secondly note that there is an icon of an open book just above the panel, to the immediate right of the two green arrows (they may be greyed out if you just opened this bookview window as in my image above). This icon toggles the book’s Topic list panel on and off from visibility. This topic list is for quick navigation and finding of topics in a book. If you prefer a drop down (where you can type the first few letters of … Read entire article »

What hardware is required for TheWord to run?

(from website: What hardware do I need? Generally speaking, any modern Pentium PC is capable of running the program. The memory consumption is usually quite low, though it depends on the number of modules you have installed. In general, The Word runs surprisingly well on older machines with slower CPU’s and less memory. It has been tested and debugged with more than 600 modules on a 4-year old PC and has performed very well. In general, The Word is optimized to perform most of it’s tasks quickly, with no waiting whatsoever. From David Cox: Personally, I have run it on a Toshiba 286 with 6MB of RAM using the USB installation on a USB stick, and it ran quite … Read entire article »

FAQ: Faulty Module Abbreviation

This problem comes about sometimes when TW detects two modules with the same “supposedly unique” TW Identifier. What are TW Identifiers? These identifiers are designed to make each module uniquely identifyable to the program, so when two totally different modules have the same identifier, you are asking for problems. TW uses this identifier when you make a hyperlink from one file to another file. So it is an important thing to be aware of. (If you have no links between modules, then it is not too critical, just bothersome.) Basically you need to go into one or the other and change the identifier. It would be best to advise whomever you got the files from about the … Read entire article »

How to make hyperlinks in a topic

Class objective: To make an ebook type topic with an outline and notes, page anchors, and with hyperlinks to these anchors/main subtopics. There are many ebook applications out there, one of the best and most popular is a simple Adobe Acrobat file (a pdf file). If properly made, a PDF can have an outline, with a table of contents and each point in it being a hyperlink to that section. There are epub books, and a host of other types of software and formats whereby you can make the material of a book or Bible study into a “public document with navigation”. However, the advantage of theWord over all of these, is that theWord automatically … Read entire article »