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Introduction to TheWordTutorial Website

Welcome to my new website! This website is set up to help TheWord ( users to understand, learn how to use, and master TheWord. I will be constantly adding new posts to this website with information on how to use the program. What are some of the advantages of this program? 1) Free, 2) powerful for intense detailed Bible study, 3) suited for studies in Greek and Hebrew, 4) tremendous free module library database available, 5) study methods unavailable in other free or commercial Bible software. … Read entire article »


Specialized theWord Study Area

Specialized theWord Study Area

Specialized theWord Study Area. Today we live in a day when most people have huge hard disks. Space is a luxury most people have. In this post, I just want to share with you something that I have been doing for years. It works really well most of the time. What I am talking about is physically making a tw installation on your computer for just a specialized study. What we are going to … Read entire article »


BibleView Options: Strong’s Settings

Class Objective: Understand how to set and change the different Bible Word popups. Usually this refers to the Strong’s Dictionary popup, but this defautt dictionary can be overriden and you can use another dictionary if it is set up with Strong’s numbers. First of all, this feature hinges on the Bible in question. Strong’s numbers are kept in the Bible module, and if the Bible module creator has the Strong’s numbers in it, then it is possible for you to see the Strong’s numbers, otherwise you are out of luck. Secondly, you MUST have the Strong’s dictionary installed and set.properly for the Strong’s number’s pop-ups to show. More about that below. In order to set the Strong’s Options, … Read entire article »

Installing a TWZIP module

Costas has come up with another way to install TW modules. This is very easy. Now instead of making a new TW modules into an installer exe, we can just zip it up as a compressed file with the extension “*.twzip”. How to install a TWZip file into theWord? First of all, you download this file from the Internet. Do not worry about whether they are a bunch of modules in one TWZIP compressed file, or a bunch of single module TWZIPs. Download everything.ALTERNATE WAY #1: Start TW, and select from the main menu, File-> Install modules… This will bring up this screen. ALTERNATE WAY #2: Browse to where your downloads are in a WIndows File Explorer (Start menu, … Read entire article »

Recommended Modules

This video is just a lot of recommendations by LongforTruth1.  … Read entire article »

Tips and Tricks

These 4 excellent videos are from, which goes through how to install the program and modules and they are specifically “tips and tricks” for theWord in the last video. … Read entire article »

Converting from other Module Formats

In this post, I am just reproducing the information from a logos forum I found. They are talking about converting from theWord or e-Sword into Logos format, but the point is to get it into a text format first. database2rtf – This program is used for converting these modules into RTF format. Bible Multi Converter -Is a program that will work on Bibles (which the above program will not work with).   A few notes are in order.Don’t work with copyrighted works. The moving of copyrighted works from one format to another is a danger game to begin. You need permission. To make matters worse, don’t post to the Internet anything done like this. Realize that most Bible software programs … Read entire article »

Bible Reading Plans

This video tutorial is by Paul Chapman. In this tutorial Paul goes through to make your own Daily Bible Reading Plans in theWord.  … Read entire article »

Creating Person Bible Studies & Verse Notes

This video tutorial is by Paul Chapman. In this tutorial Paul goes through to make your own Bible studies and verse notes for your own use.  … Read entire article »

Clipboard Monitor Feature

This video tutorial is by Paul Chapman. In this tutorial Paul goes through how to use the Copy Monitor Verses feature, which is going the monitor the Windows clipboard, and it will allow you to copy a verse reference and with a single keystroke (still in the Word Processor) and it will switch the reference in the clipboard with the reference and the text of the verse(s).  … Read entire article »

Copy Verses Feature

This video tutorial is by Paul Chapman. In this tutorial Paul goes through how to use the Copy Verses Feature. This feature of theWord is a way to copy a Bible reference in any other program, and by putting it into the Windows clipboard, theWord will pop up the text of that verse(s) references.  … Read entire article »