F5 theWord Copy Verses Function

F5 theWord Copy Verses Function
By David Cox

Class Objective: This TW feature is for formatting and inserting verses into the clipboard so that you can insert them into another application or program, or into another module within TW. Note that theWord will allow you to make very specific and minute tweaks to how it pastes Bible text into the clipboard. Although at first you probably think that this is not very important nor useful, think again. The reason why you want to understand and dominate this class is because if you use Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, or some other software in your ministry, and you use the Bible in those programs, you will want to use TW’s features to quickly insert Bible verses into that other application. I do this a lot myself (I am a missionary and Pastor), and as such, I had made Microsoft Word macros to reformat inserted Bible text before. I got rid of the Microsoft Word macro, and started tweaking TW’s inserts so that they would look like what I want.

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Methods: How to Use the Word

Class Objective: Methods: How to Use the Word is a general overview of my TW Bible Study Methods. These are step by step of using the TW to do a specific “KIND” of Bible study. We don’t necessarily study a particular thing, except as examples, so that the student will understand how to do this with his own study topic or theme.

How to Use theWord

First of all, you as a TW (theWord) user, you need to understand how TW can make your Bible study easier, better, faster, and more thorough. One of the things that TW does excellently (among many things it does) is to adapt to your particular preferences and work cycle.

I am a pastor and missionary, and as such, I work in both English language and Spanish, and I make Sunday School lessons, Sermons, and have about 30 websites that I am uploading things to constantly. One of those is the www.twmodules.com (English) and www.twmodulos.com (Spanish) websites which are module libraries for download, so besides studying, I am creating modules. Add to that that I also write tracts and books in Spanish, and translate them back into English, and you have probably about 6 different “kinds” of studying I do in the Bible.

I will walk you through how to set up and use theWord for different “kinds” of studying.

Method: English Bible Study, Word Search

(I will be adding to this list in the future)

For me as a pastor and missionary, theWord Bible Software is a great tool for searching the Scriptures. It is very flexible and extensive as far as being able to do many things in searching the Bible text.

But beyond the simple search a Bible, there are a lot of Christian books in the twm theWord format, and you can equally search across all of these (only the topics or chapter titles) and also the title and/or the content of each chapter. You are able to also very easily copy material into a new tw module that you can easily create and update as things go along.

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Bible-Dictionary Lookup Popup

Bible Dictionaries

Description of Feature

Dictionary Lookup Popup. When you setup this feature of the word, you can quickly lookup the definition of a Bible word in various commentaries completely AUTOMATICALLY with just passing the mouse over the word in a Bible.

Note that TheWord will put as many or as few Bible Dictionaries (optionally any module will work) into the mix to search, and when the popup shows, YOU HOLD DOWN SHIFT and click in the popup window, and you can then scroll down the window to see the different dictionary definitions.

This Bible Dictionary feature is extremely powerful and useful, and you can use it to quickly (almost instantaneously) see many definitions of a word. See below at the bottom of this post for more uses of this feature.

(Note that in the illustrations below, I am highlighting the word I am mousing over in the image so you will see where my mouse is, but in TheWord, the word stays the same color.)


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How to install TW in Compact Mode (USB mode)

Install TW in Compact Mode

OBJECTIVE: To install theWord onto a USB flash drive.

This post is a branch off of the post,

How to “normally” install TW on a Windows machine

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