Making HyperLinks theWord Bible verse References

Basically, theWord is an exceptionally full-featured program for making hyperlinks. This feature allows you to link text to other places within the same module, within other modules, and also to Bible verses. (version specific if you desire). You can also make hyperlinks to the Internet. 

Some problems

Before you go crazy making hyperlinks, you need to keep a few things in mind. First of all, you find a great verse in the NIV, and you just make a link to it instead of quoting it. That is great. But the NIV is a premium module, and the other people who are going to see your module must also purchase it before they can see it. This is also a problem when you interlink between two modules. Your module users have to have that module also. It is good to put a link to where they can download or purchase the module. For reviews (like a Bible review of the NIV), it is always better to copy and paste verses than link.

Within the same module, you can link away and that is fine. Also be aware that links between modules will not work if they don’t have that module (as I mentioned above) but nothing will happen. When tw finds the module you are linking to, it will put that text in a popup.

Also note that when you link to one chapter from another place, you have the option of linking to an entire topic (chapter) or just a section from within that target chapter.

Burroughs Gospel Worship
14 chapters (263 pages) which are each a sermon on how to properly worship God. (format PDF)
“Jeremiah Burroughs’ Gospel Worship has greatly influenced my understanding of biblical worship. It is one of the most important books I have ever read.” –R.C. Sproul
Download: Burroughs Gospel Worship.

Linking to a Bible verse

Linking to a Bible verse means you will like to a Bible. Note that at the top where the radio button is selected, you have a choice of linking to the default Bible (for that user), or a specific Bible you have.

Here you will see the Bibles I have installed in this instance of theWord. Also note that when you type in the verse reference, tw will help you by auto filling the Book of the Bible for you if you type a few letters.

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