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03 NT Tool Tip Utility.

As the saying goes, there is more than one way to skin a cat. This is true also when you make Bible modules. I would make a comment here, that THE BEST WAY for making a module for theWord is within the program itself. That I say because every time you pass a module through a converter, you run the risk of corrupting parts of it. In the “old days” (I have been in this business of creating modules for about 15 years I guess. I started with e-Sword, and migrated to theWord and mySword.) I ran across modules made by who knows for e-Sword, and the module just would not work correctly in any Bible program. I converted them to theWord and they still were giving me weird behavior. So the preferred method is with theWord itself. MySword is a Bible app for the Android devices, and you cannot make anything natively in that program. You have to make the module in e-Sword or theWord and convert it.

But in a few cases, I find that something is a little bit difficult to do in theWord. For example a commentary, or search and replace a lot of words. Or maybe even formatting a lot of stuff. That is when I use NT Tool Tips.

Download NT Tool Tip Utility and Documentation.

Guide 1040
Guide 1040
14.0 MiB
ToolTip NT
ToolTip NT
Version: 2.10
5.3 MiB
4.6 MiB

You will need to read the pdf guides to learn how to use this program, but essentially it is just a word processor program with a bunch of menu options for making the text into an e-Sword module (format). But I will give you a few tips.

Note that this tool will actually read and import any e-Sword modules (pre-version 10). So if your source material is an e-Sword module, this is the thing to use to do it. Note that bblx will not convert to anything, because it is locked (hornery).

TIP1: Actual Tooltipping

You can play with this and see how it works, but my advice is to never tooltip anything here. It is too easy in theWord to tooltip a module there, and if you do tooltip it here, it will be in the e-Sword format (book_chapter:verse). This doesn’t always convert well into theWord modules.

TIP2: Search and Replace

This is place where you want to do massive formatting and search and replacing. Basically, you have the entire module contents in a single document file. You can save it as an RTF or import an RTF here. You will need to ijnsert marking (markers) to make chapters, but that is easy in the program. The advantage is that you will rarely be able to select entire document, and then change the font, or search and replace everywhere a specific word or phrase.

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Cox-TW Module Creation
Cox-TW Module Creation
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