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Website Goal - It is the purpose of this website to present free theWord Bible Software modules in large zip files for easy downloading. We are here to serve you, the theWord community. Please consider making a small $5 or $10 donation (on the sidebar below) once a year to help us cover our website expenses. This website exists because of your help. Thanks!

Creating Person Bible Studies & Verse Notes

This video tutorial is by Paul Chapman. In this tutorial Paul goes through to make your own Bible studies and verse notes for your own use.  … Read entire article »

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theWord Compare Bible Versions

theWord Compare Bible Versions theWord Compare Bible Versions By David Cox Class Objective: This page will teach you how to set up theWord to study the Bible using various different Bible versions, seeing them side by side, or one on top of the other.__________ Introduction We begin this class with a basic “How to get there”. This option is actived in the BibleView Main Window. Although the Bible Selector Bar will dynamically move the Bible version abbreviations around on this bar, there are two options at the far right that will never be moved around, Compare and Lists. … Read entire article »

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How to Make Module Sets

How to Make Module Sets Topic: How to make module sets By David Cox Class Description: In this post we will explain what are module sets, and how to use them, as well as how to make them. Warning: Every TheWord user MUST MASTER MODULE SETS, or your experience with the program will be greatly hindered if you can use it at all. This issue is just that important. Let me just explain it this way, every time you want to see a module in TW, it has to be part of the current module set. Even though you install a module, and TW asks you if you want it to fit the module into the current module set, without saving that module set, you won’t see it the next time you run TW. … Read entire article »

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How to search across theWord Bible Versions

Search across theWord Bible Versions Class Objective: search across theWord Bible Versions. In this class, we want to do studies ACROSS BIBLE VERSIONS. The idea here is to see how different Bible versions treat a certain word or concept in Scripture. REQUIREMENTS: You need to have dominated the basics of doing a Bible search before you do this class. (See How to search the Bible). … Read entire article »

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Compare TheWord vs E-Sword

Compare TheWord vs E-Sword Compare TheWord vs E-Sword. Both programs are free, and work basically the same. e-Sword has had a lot of interface problems for a long while now, that have not been fixed even though numerous versions have come and gone. Most of these types of problems are resolved beautifully in THEWORD. … Read entire article »

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Method: Verse Collection from Cross References

Class Objective: This class will help you set up and make verse lists using some of the best cross reference modules available. Prerequisite Classes: Bible Verse List Feature You will need to download, install and open some cross reference commentaries. Get them here:Bible Cross Reference Commentaries.My recommendation for use with this tutorial page is to download the Nave’s Topical Bible Commentary. Your setup should look something like this:  What we are going to do now is very simply, add a bunch of references to our Bible Verse List from Nave’s (or whatever Book you can find references in to your topic). In Naves (here I clicked on the top righthand icon, an empty box, besides the close window button in order to maximize the window), we are first going to search for “faithfulness” in Naves. … Read entire article »

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Doug Hamp’s Introduction to theWord

Objective: This is simply in-page links to Doug’s conference on using theWord. At about 10 minutes in the video conference (for about 2 minutes), you will see a summary of the program from the program designer, Costas Stegiou. Video 1 This video goes through some of the introductory things with using theWord. It compares theWord to other popular Bible Software which costs up to $1000s dollars for some of these commercial Bible programs. This video is about 45 minutes total. If you want to skip to the actual part where Hamps actually explains how to use the program, this starts at around 13:45 minutes.Some Highlights in the presentation 1. Choosing a Bible translation. at 30:30 minutes. 2. Searching Bibles and Books. at 31:30 minutes 3. Overview of the Word. at 31:50 minutes. 4. Read a verse at 34:30 … Read entire article »

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