How to search across theWord Bible Versions

Search across theWord Bible Versions

Class Objective: search across theWord Bible Versions. In this class, we want to do studies ACROSS BIBLE VERSIONS. The idea here is to see how different Bible versions treat a certain word or concept in Scripture.

REQUIREMENTS: You need to have dominated the basics of doing a Bible search before you do this class. (See How to search the Bible).

This is really very simple (the hard part is coming by the Bible version you want, which is where my other site, comes in). We will do a simple normal Bible search, but we want to get a comparison of how a particular word appears or doesn’t appear across a variety of Bible versions. The word I chose for this exercise is “atonement”.

Here I will repeat my instructions from How to search the Bible for the use of the Bible versions explanation.

Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit is a 3 part, 15 Chapter work on various matters of the Holy Spirit. From the Deeper Life Movement
PDF:Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit.
theWord:Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit.
MySword:Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit.
eSword:Watchman Nee The Communion of the Holy Spirit.

Selecting which Bible Version to Search

Well, we missed one important basic thing before we end this class. How do you decide which Bible text (version) you want to search on? There is another icon to the left of where we typed in the search word or phrase, and it is just an arrow.

search across theWord Bible VersionsThis little green down arrow (to the left of “Abraham” in the above image), will allow you to select your search Bible set. Yes! TheWord searches ACROSS VARIOUS BIBLES if you so want it to do so.

Notice that the settings allow you to specifically select a single Bible version, or you can make a “Bible texts” set to search (See Compare Bible Versions), or all Bibles, the default Bible, or the Current Bible. This program is simply just wonderful. Extremely powerful, feature rich, and it has so many bells and whistles one doesn’t know where to start.

Make a Bible Texts Set 

We start off in the BibleView window, clicking on the “Compare” icon (the next to the last icon after all the Bible abbreviations. There click on Select Bible Texts for compare view. You should see this.

Bible Compare texts “Save Set” option. Click on a number of English Bible texts, and in my setup, I am using the KJV, NASB, NET, NIV, LB, MSG (the King Jams Version, the New American Standard Bible, the NET Bible, the New International Version, the Living Bible, and the Message Bible. Here I click on “Sets” and save this group as a Bible Texts Set.
Save Bible Compare Texts

Searching different Bible Versions in one single pass.

Now comes the good part, in the Bible Search window, select the triangle before the search word. Select your presaved (above step) Bible texts set.



.Now press search (Green Arrow after the phrase searched for).

Examining the results of a multi-version Bible phrase Search

bible-search-various-versions-resultsSimply put, you need this sofware and ability in your Bible study tool arsenal. There are great differences in the way different Bibles handle different Greek and Hebrew words. The really serious Bible study won’t let a tool this advanced pass by without doing some serious thought about it.

This is another fantastic feature of TheWord that Logos, Bibleworks, e-Sword, et al, don’t have a clue about.

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    1. Hi Ken, Thanks for writing. No I am not offended. If anything in the videos or the theWord tutorial site is unclear, please post your doubt on that page, and I will revise it. Most of these help pages, or at least a good number of them come from people asking me questions. It is not so much me taking for granted that others understand how to do something in theWord, but rather that I am answering a specific question. At times, the user obviously knows how to do things related, and I just answer his question. I post these things, and then get more questions and have to come back and expand that page or even make a new page. ANYTHING, anything at all that you don’t understand, post a comment and I will see it and fix it so that it is more understandable. Some things are just more difficult that others, and even I forget how to do some things. The site is also to help me as I sometimes forget how to do some thing that is not very common. I appreciate you donations. That greatly helps me keep on posting things on these sites. This past 2 weeks I have been recooperating from a wisdom tooth they extracted. Boy how that thing has hurt after they pulled it out. I guess I am getting older and my diabetes isn’t helping my healing. I have just felt bad constantly the past two weeks. I am barely getting back to doing stuff. The week before that extraction, I moved the websites to a new hosting company, and that isn’t all finished as I am checking sites, and finding little things that they need to fix for me. I am getting most things back on line, but please pray for me.

      1. I couldn’t find the Ritchie commentaries. I did find some library sites, but they listed a book on their bookshelves from him, nothing online that I can use to make a module. Can you send me a URL where I can read some of his works online?

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