TheWord Keyboard Short Cuts

theWord keyboard short cutstheWord keyboard short cuts

CLASS OBJECTIVE: This page is a reference page with all the keyboard short cuts for TheWord.

theWord keyboard short cuts. theWord keyboard short cuts. In this tutorial class we give a few short cuts key strokes for working with theWord program. I am just going to list them here, and in other places on this website I will describe exactly what they are.

Opening New Sub-Windows (Panes)

Within the theWord program, there are sub-windows. I call these “panes”, and these are individual windows that you manipulate within the program, and they open and view different major parts of the program, a Bible, a book, a search within Bibles, a search within a book, etc.

The short cut keys within TW to open a new window are the following:
<F11> – New Bible View
<F12> – New Book View
<F10> – New Bible Search Window
<F9> – New Book Search Window
<F8> – Bible Tree

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Jumping to a Specific Window Pane

These short cut keys are for jumping between panes within the theWord program, and not for opening a new pane.

<F8> Jump to the Bible Tree Window
<F3> Jump to the Bible Search Window
<F2> Jump to the Book Search Window

Note that the above three short cut keys will not open a new pane if one is already open, but will just jump to the open one. If the pane is not open, TW will open it and go there.

Bible Window short cut keys

Two of the main dialog boxes with the Bibleview window are Control O for controling the options in that Bibleview, and Control T for opening the left hand icons for navigating that BibleView window.

Ctrl-O – Opens the Bible Window Options Dialog Screen
Ctrl-T – Toggles the Left hand vertical Bible Window Icons

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