Searching a subset of Bibles in theWord

In this class, Searching a subset of Bibles in theWord, I will show you how to search for a word or phrase in a subset of Bibles.

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Why would I want to search across Bibles?

Here I need to just use a good example. The word atonement has been rejected by many Bible translation committees. I won’t get into the why, but they have sought out other synonyms in their versions. It is good to see these side by side. So let’s do it without a Bible set.

theWord Simple Bible Search

Open theWord, and in the Bible search window, type in atonement, and click on the down arrow to the left of the search box, and you can search the default Bible, the current Bible, select a single Bible to search, or select a set of Bibles to search. I selected the KJV in this example.

Then click enter or the green arrow at the end of the search text field.

Verse set 1 at the bottom of this post has all the verses found. (Click in the Bible Search window, then Control + A (select all), then right-click in it, and then click on Add 70 verses to the Bible

As you can see from the above image, the BibleView window will now contain the list of verses. (Note if you are going to do this for a study, I would recommend shorting the search word to atone instead of atonement to catch more verses).

theWord copying a verse list to a file

To save a verse list to a file

In the BibleView window, click on the icon below the B..A icon. This will bring up the above box to save just verse references or to save entire verses to a text file. (Actually, it will only copy it to the Windows clipboard, so you will need to open a Word Processor or Windows notepad and paste it into a file and save it.

Download this verse list – atonement-verse-list-kjv

Up to this point, we are just doing normal Bible Searches, but say we want to compare “atonement” in the KJV against the Amplified Bible and the NIV.

Now we can play with things a little using theWord’s great power.

But next, let’s do the search over two times, one for the Amplified Bible, and another for the NIV Bible.

The King James version has atonement 70 times, Amplified Bible has atonement 92 times, and the NIV has it 97 times.

So it would be nice to investigate why the differences.

So we go back to the dropdown triangle before the search term, and we click on “Select Bibles to search” and click on the Amplified Bible (AMP) and the New International Version (Niv2).

Download Atonement comparison – atonement-cp-kjv-niv-amp

Now we can see exactly where there are verses with very close concepts to atonement although not exactly used in the KJV.

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