Converting from other Module Formats

In this post, I am just reproducing the information from a logos forum I found. They are talking about converting from theWord or e-Sword into Logos format, but the point is to get it into a text format first.

database2rtf – This program is used for converting these modules into RTF format.

Bible Multi Converter -Is a program that will work on Bibles (which the above program will not work with).

Torrey Fundamental Doctrines of the Christian Faith is a set of 15 chapters on various doctrinal themes in the Bible. Some of these chapters are...
1. Inspiration, or to what extent is the Bible Inspired of God?
2. The Christian conception of God...
4. The Deity of Jesus Christ
5. Jesus Christ, a Real Man
6. The Personality of the Holy Spirit
7. The Deity of the Holy Spirit and the Distinction between the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
8. The Atonement...
9. The Distinctive Doctrine of Protestantism: Justification by Faith
10. The New Birth
11. Sanctification
12. The Resurrection of the Body of Jesus and of our Bodies
13. The Devil
14. Is there a Literal Hell?
15. Is Future Punishment Everlasting?
Published in 1918. Downloads:
PDF: Torrey Fundamental Doctrines
theWord: Torrey Fundamental Doctrines
MySword: Torrey Fundamental Doctrines
eSword: Torrey Fundamental Doctrines

A few notes are in order.

  1. Don’t work with copyrighted works. The moving of copyrighted works from one format to another is a danger game to begin. You need permission. To make matters worse, don’t post to the Internet anything done like this.
  2. Realize that most Bible software programs have locked modules, and when a module is “locked”, the whole purpose is to keep it from being decomposed into a text file. BY DEFINITION, this is to stop you from doing exactly what we are talking about, and again, you should refrain from doing anything with any locked or encrypted modules. When these modules are sold somewhere, that means that usually they are under copyright, and somebody is making gain from their sell, and if you circumvent that, it is immoral (unless you have copyright permission from the copyright owners), and it danger, possibly getting you in legal troubles on down the road.
  3. Always uncompress the theWord module, and make sure it is user editable.module. If you cannot click on Module Properties on the checkbox to make it User editable, then there is a reason for that, the module creator doesn’t want you to mess with his work. (Module creators, please, please do not encrypt public domain works!)

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