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TheWord Tutorial » Keyboard Short-Cut Keys

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Where is Strong’s Numbers in KJV?

Where is Strong’s Numbers in KJV? By David Cox Class Objective: Resolve the problem of no Strong’s numbers showing in the King James Bible. NOTE: In a normal installation of theWord from the official website, you should have both the Strong’s KJV and the Strong’s dictionary as part of the normal installation. … Read entire article »

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How do I show the BibleView Window Options Icons (at left)

BibleView Window Options Icons Topic: How do I show the BibleView Window Options Icons (at left) By David Cox BibleView Window Options Icons. When using theWord, at times you accidentally press a wrong combination of keys, and you are left with something you don’t want. I have been using theWord working in a Bible, and all of sudden the entire left hand icons disappear on me, well actually, I pressed the wrong keys and they disappeared on me. For most things with theWord you can go to the main menu at the top, and you can search there for turning something on or off. But in this particular case, you will need to know how to do this while you have the Bibleview window in particular active. Then it is very easy. Tip: So if you … Read entire article »

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Class Objective: The student should be able to set a bookmark, delete it, return to a passage using the bookmark, etc. Introduction theWord has a wonderful feature called “Bookmarks”, in which places (specific Scripture verse) is set as a bookmark, and which you can quickly jump to it when you go off somewhere else. The way this works is that it is a narrow strip to the left of the Bible window with the numbers 0 through 9. This feature is used when you are studying perhaps one passage, and you want to chance down something else, and you will move the BibleView Window to some other passage. You will study out the matter, and then want to return back to where you are when you began your “rabbit trail”. Before leaving, set … Read entire article »

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BibleView Menu Icons

Class Objective: We will explain a little bit about the BibleView Option Icons (Menu) at the left of the BibleView window. First of all, you will need to open a BibleView window if one is not already open. F11 will open a new BibleView window. (A BibleView window is a window that allows you to view a Bible. Secondly, if the menu icons are not visible you will need to toggle them on, with Control+T. Verse History Icons  These icons allow you to retrack your steps as you navigate through many verses in the Bible. This verse History is saved from this present theWord session only, but it allows you to go backwards and then forwards through the verse history. If you click the small black triangle to the right of each icon, … Read entire article »

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Using Inline Commentaries

CLASS OBJECTIVE: In this tutorial class, I will show you how to use theWord inline commentaries function.  What you see below is a simple BibleView window (KJV on left, commentary on the right). What makes this such a powerful tool is that you can set your commentaries in this inline commentary function, and you can read through/study through a passage of Scripture and read the commentary with it quickly.Before we get too involved in this one, there is a short-cut  key to do this, which first is clicking in the BibleView Window you want the commentaries to appear in, and the typing a single letter: N – Toggles the commentaries off (hides them). C – Shows the commentaries below the Bible verse. T –  Show the commentaries besides the Bible verse (see image above for … Read entire article »

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Inserting Verses in other Programs

Class Objective: To teach the user how to get information from TW into other programs. Introduction Okay, so you are now using theWord regularly and you like the ability that it has to search the Bible and other books. But you want to use it to insert Bible verses into your emails, you Powerpoint presentation, or just into your favorite word processor, (no not Microsoft Word, that would be easy, but AbiWord, a fantastic little Microsoft Word knock off that is freeware and just great!). How do I do that? The TW Watching the Clipboard Function theWord has a nifty function to help the user insert verses into any application that can take user input. This feature can also be a user with HTML pages on the Internet to just see what the text … Read entire article »

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