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Website Goal - It is the purpose of this website to present free theWord Bible Software modules in large zip files for easy downloading. We are here to serve you, the theWord community. Please consider making a small $5 or $10 donation (on the sidebar below) once a year to help us cover our website expenses. This website exists because of your help. Thanks!

What Operating System does TheWord require?

What operating system does it run on?theWord has been developed for the Windows operating system, and is compatible with Windows 98 upwards (including Windows XP, Vista, and 7). Some of the unicode features are not available in older Win9x systems. There is special support for localized Win9x systems though (e.g. Arabic Windows 98 will properly display contextual shaped Arabic text). In Windows 2K upwards, there is full support for all languages. (From website: Having said that, let me quickly add, using WINE (Windows emulation software) for both the MAC and Linux, you can easily run the program on both of these platforms. I have had many, many communications with people daily using theWord on both of these platforms. In the video below (from Doug Hamp), skip to minute 13 to see discussion of … Read entire article »

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Compare TheWord vs E-Sword

Compare TheWord vs E-Sword Compare TheWord vs E-Sword. Both programs are free, and work basically the same. e-Sword has had a lot of interface problems for a long while now, that have not been fixed even though numerous versions have come and gone. Most of these types of problems are resolved beautifully in THEWORD. … Read entire article »

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Program Overview

Program Overview TheWord Bible Program is basically a powerful Bible study tool. The strengths of this program center around the intensive study of the Bible as well as other literature about the Bible, books, commentaries, dictionaries, etc. This program will allow you to view, search, and even create this literature. (1) Formal Bible search – TW (TheWord) allows you to do powerful boolean and Regex searches on the text of any Bible. While other programs limit and greatly restrict your search abilities to AND OR or Exact phrase, TW allows you add other powerful boolean operators like NEAR (Word) NEAR (Verse). (2) Bible Compare – TW like many other programs allow you to compare different Bibles. (3) Bible Commentaries – TW is a very versatile program that allows you to configure it to many different forms of … Read entire article »

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Introduction to TheWordTutorial Website

Welcome to my new website! This website is set up to help TheWord ( users to understand, learn how to use, and master TheWord. I will be constantly adding new posts to this website with information on how to use the program. What are some of the advantages of this program? 1) Free, 2) powerful for intense detailed Bible study, 3) suited for studies in Greek and Hebrew, 4) tremendous free module library database available, 5) study methods unavailable in other free or commercial Bible software. … Read entire article »

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