Bibleview Changing the Bible Font in theWord

Bibleview Changing the Bible Font in theWord

By David Cox

Bibleview Changing the Bible Font in theWord is a tutorial page for theWord in which I go through how to change the font of a Bible in theWord program.

We start by noting that theWord has a tracking system for each Bible that it finds in its folders. In this tracking system, you can do several things. We will go through them here. But first, open theWord, and then click on File -> Preferences. You should see something like this…

Dagg Doctrine of God is a 14 chapter work on the Person of God, His existence, His Attributes, which are Unity, Spirituality, Omnipresence, eternity, immutability, Omniscience, Omnipotence, Goodness, Truth, Justice, Holiness, Wisdom.
PDF: Dagg Doctrine of God
theWord: Dagg Doctrine of God
MySword: Dagg Doctrine of God
eSword: Dagg Doctrine of God

Bibleview Preferences

Note first of all that you can make any Bible visible or invisible. This clears up some clutter while keeping them within reach if you need them. For example, little used Bibles, or Greek/Hebrew Bibles that maybe you are not going to constantly use.

Secondly not that you can set the default Bible version which I have set to King James Version (in light blue). Clue on a Bible and then click “Set as default” at the bottom right-hand corner.

Next, note that you have a column for Font and size, where you can change the font used to show the Bible, or change the actual font size of the text. Usually, Hebrew Bibles have very small marks that are pointings that usually go with the vowels in Hebrew and as such, they are hard to read. This will help greatly, especially if your eyesight is dimming!

Finally, you can set the default order of your Bibles.

Click ok to close and set these changes.