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Website Goal - It is the purpose of this website to present free theWord Bible Software modules in large zip files for easy downloading. We are here to serve you, the theWord community. Please consider making a small $5 or $10 donation (on the sidebar below) once a year to help us cover our website expenses. This website exists because of your help. Thanks!

Specialized theWord Study Area

Specialized theWord Study Area

Specialized theWord Study Area. Today we live in a day when most people have huge hard disks. Space is a luxury most people have. In this post, I just want to share with you something that I have been doing for years. It works really well most of the time. What I am talking about is physically making a tw installation on your computer for just a specialized study. What we are going to do … Read entire article »

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Installing a TWZIP module

Costas has come up with another way to install TW modules. This is very easy. Now instead of making a new TW modules into an installer exe, we can just zip it up as a compressed file with the extension “*.twzip”. How to install a TWZip file into theWord? First of all, you download this file from the Internet. Do not worry about whether they are a bunch of modules in one TWZIP compressed file, or a bunch of single module TWZIPs. Download everything.ALTERNATE WAY #1: Start TW, and select from the main menu, File-> Install modules… This will bring up this screen. ALTERNATE WAY #2: Browse to where your downloads are in a WIndows File Explorer (Start menu, My Computer), then when you “Open” these files (by clicking on them), they will appear in … Read entire article »

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Tips and Tricks

These 4 excellent videos are from, which goes through how to install the program and modules and they are specifically “tips and tricks” for theWord in the last video. … Read entire article »

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What Operating System does TheWord require?

What operating system does it run on?theWord has been developed for the Windows operating system, and is compatible with Windows 98 upwards (including Windows XP, Vista, and 7). Some of the unicode features are not available in older Win9x systems. There is special support for localized Win9x systems though (e.g. Arabic Windows 98 will properly display contextual shaped Arabic text). In Windows 2K upwards, there is full support for all languages. (From website: Having said that, let me quickly add, using WINE (Windows emulation software) for both the MAC and Linux, you can easily run the program on both of these platforms. I have had many, many communications with people daily using theWord on both of these platforms. In the video below (from Doug Hamp), skip to minute 13 to see discussion of … Read entire article »

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Installing theWord on Mac-Linux-Ubuntu

I will be open about this, I don’t have a linux machine nor a Mac. But from the feedback from the many people who have installed theWord on these platforms it is fully possible to install and use the program on these platforms. NOTE: Being a Mac or Linux user, you should be aware of the possibility of using Windows programs on your platform via a WINE (Windows Interpretation and Emulator). This WINE program is also free. These programs are platform specific, and they allow you to install theWord program on your machine. It is possible. In the video below (from Doug Hamp), skip to minute 13 to see discussion of this.This following link is from codeweavers, and I have a little more confidence in it. linux form users talking about using … Read entire article »

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How to uninstall modules

How to uninstall modules By David Cox Question: I have many modules installed and they are showing up double, so how do I uninstall extra modules in theWord. First of all, let’s get some things straight. What theWord presents to you in the book module selector bar is what the module layout set has. There may or may not be multiple copies of the book in your installation. When you setup a Module Layout Set (See How to Make Module Sets), you need to first click “Clear Tree” before you make a new module set, or you risk having some modules show up twice. This needs to be checked first. … Read entire article »

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theWord required hardware

theWord required hardware. theWord required hardware. (from website: What hardware do I need?theWord required hardware. Generally speaking, any modern Pentium PC is capable of running the program. The memory consumption is usually quite low, though it depends on the number of modules you have installed. In general, The Word runs surprisingly well on older machines with slower CPU’s and less memory. It has been tested and debugged with more than 600 modules on a 4-year old PC and has performed very well. In general, The Word is optimized to perform most of it’s tasks quickly, with no waiting whatsoever. Notes: When theWord runs slower, there is usually a reason. I have run theWord with 5000 modules installed, and it does run well under that load. But the problem comes in initializing. theWord maintains indexes of … Read entire article »

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Eliminating theWord Bible text brackets

Eliminating theWord Bible text brackets Eliminating theWord Bible text brackets. Tip: How do you get rid of the square brackets in the Bible texts? (Also when copying and pasting?) Eph 1:2 Grace [be] to you, and peace, from God our Father, and [from] the Lord Jesus Christ. As you see in this example, these words are added words by the translators. Depending on your view of these things and what version of the Bible you are using, this can be distracting. The more modern version play rough with the original text and they, in general, don’t mind changing the exact words to something similar, so this is not even appearing in those Bible versions. For the Bible versions that try to maintain a one-to-one correspondence, this can appear in these more biblically true … Read entire article »

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How to install theWord Modules

OBJECTIVE: To show the user how to install different types of theWord modules into their theWord program. See also FAQ: I installed a module and it doesn’t show up. [firstchapter:General Install Info] [chapters:200,left] First a little explanation about modules and the theWord program. The theWord program is a program that works with modules which these modules is where the actual information is contained. Each module (Bible, commentary, dictionary, or book) has it’s own format, and absolutely needs the main theWord program to work. If you compare this Bible program to the Microsoft Word program which many people use daily, we see the way theWord works. First of all, Microsoft Word has its’ own program files which it keeps in the Windows programs folder. Then you open Microsoft Word and “look for a Microsoft Word document”. The … Read entire article »

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Where does TW keep its files?

How do I find out where TheWord has a particular file (module) so that I can delete it, move it, or copy it? … Read entire article »

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