theWord Dictionary Word Lookup

theWord Dictionary Word Lookup

By David Cox

Class Objective: To teach the student how to lookup a word in a Bible in a specific dictionary.

Brengle When the Holy Ghost is Come
is from the Salvation Army tradition, and Brengle was part of the Deeper Life Movement.
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Description of Feature.

Very simply, you can right-click on any word in a Bible (in the BibleView window), and from the popup, choose “Lookup ‘[word highlighted] in…>” a popup will appear with all the dictionaries where your target word is in one of the topics. See image below for a sample.

Notice that in the popup (in this image, it was to the left, but could be to the right depending on how your particular layout is), each dictionary that has the target word in a Topic title is shown and the particular topic is also after the dictionary name in parentheses. Notice that some of the entries have just “sacrifice” (my target lookup word) and others have sacrifice as a part of the title.

Christians-harvesting-end-time-souls-ministries-an-update-to-the-parable Gbk
Christians-harvesting-end-time-souls-ministries-an-update-to-the-parable Gbk
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