Module Set: Parables & Types

Module Set: Parables & Types

Class Description: This class post is simply the steps to make a Parables module set for TheWord. Note that you will need to have these modules installed into your system before you can make the module set, but below are links to find them on our The Word Library site.

Required Classes before reading this post:

Steps to make a Parables Module Set

Once you have mastered the how-to make a module set at the above link, you will need to first close down TheWord and then look for the modules you want to include.

Brengle When the Holy Ghost is Come
is from the Salvation Army tradition, and Brengle was part of the Deeper Life Movement.
Downloads theWord:Brengle When the Holy Ghost is Come
MySword:Brengle When the Holy Ghost is Come
PDF:Brengle When the Holy Ghost is Come
eSword:Brengle When the Holy Ghost is Come

I have a large set of books (modules) on the Bible Parables on

If you would like to individually read the excerpt describing each book, then visit

Parables-Types Bookshelf

(Note: To actually download each book, Control-click on the titles on the above page, and each page should open in another tab or Browse window. Click on the download link, and close the page.

If you want to choose on the basis of just the author-titles of the books, CTRL+Click on the titles below. Find the download link in the green box, and click it, and then close that window. (Control-click should open the link in a new window/tab, otherwise use the back arrow to get back here and do the next one). Note that the list of books on parables and types is increasing every month, so please check back.

theWord Parable modules

This list is not updated with new modules, please visit the Parables Landing Page to see an actualized list.

Thanks for reading this post!

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