Method: Verse Collection from Cross References

Class Objective: This class will help you set up and make verse lists using some of the best cross-reference modules available.

Prerequisite Classes: Bible Verse List Feature

You will need to download, install and open some cross reference commentaries. Get them here:

My recommendation for use with this tutorial page is to download the Nave’s Topical Bible Commentary.

Dagg Manual of Theology is a theology work in 2 volumes by J.L. Dagg a Reformed Southern Baptist. It is an extensive, very ample presentation of doctrines.
This is an extensive Bible Systematic Theology (Bible Doctrines book) from a conservative point of view.
Read/Download: now with pdf download link. 50,000 views on this page with download link

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Your setup should look something like this:


What we are going to do now is very simple, add a bunch of references to our Bible Verse List from Nave’s (or whatever Book you can find references into your topic).

In Naves (here I clicked on the top right-hand icon, an empty box, besides the close window button in order to maximize the window), we are first going to search for “faithfulness” in Naves. This is a dictionary, so we will be looking in Dictionary entries part.

1) Below the yellow word “Nave” on the Book Selector bar, there is an icon that looks like an open book. Click on it to open the topic listing for Naves (see the left side of the screen) if it is not open.

2) Select “faithfulness” from that list. Note that a second way of getting to this entry quicker is to click on the whitebox under the “Nave” word with a yellow background (and to the right slightly) where in the image it has faithfulness. As I already clicked on it, that is where you would type in faithfulness, and TW will find it quicker for you.

3) In the Nave’s list, move your mouse over the Bible references slowly reading each one. When one looks like something you want to add to your Bible Verse List, right click on it, and “click actions for [verse reference]”, and then “Add to the list” in the drop-down box.

That is all there is to it!

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