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BibleView Options: Strong’s Settings

Class Objective: Understand how to set and change the different Bible Word popups.

Usually this refers to the Strong’s Dictionary popup, but this defautt dictionary can be overriden and you can use another dictionary if it is set up with Strong’s numbers.

bible-strongs-numbers-problemFirst of all, this feature hinges on the Bible in question. Strong’s numbers are kept in the Bible module, and if the Bible module creator has the Strong’s numbers in it, then it is possible for you to see the Strong’s numbers, otherwise you are out of luck.

Secondly, you MUST have the Strong’s dictionary installed and set.properly for the Strong’s number’s pop-ups to show. More about that below.

In order to set the Strong’s Options, first (1) you click in Bible View Window, and secondly (2) you press Control + O (for Options). This should present you with the following image, and you click on the left side panel on “Strong’s Numbers”.


Options for Strong’s Numbers


Making the Strong’s Numbers Pop-up show

There are several elements here that you need to observe in order to make the Strong’s numbers pop-up show. (The Control + O after clicking in the Bible Window makes the Strongs number appear, but the pop-ups with the definition may not show because you don’t have them set to show.

1. Click on the checkbox before “Show Strong’s Numbers”.

2. Make sure the “Use the following Dictionary module to lookup the Strong’s numbers:” is set to Strong’s dictionary (or to another dictionary that is keyed on Strong’s numbers, like the one I have installed above.)

3. If Strong’s (or your favorite Greek-Hebrew Lexicon) doesn’t appear in the drop-down box, then it isn’t installed, and you need to leave TW and install it.

In this options window, there are several other options related to Strong’s numbers that you can change the behavior of TW in regard to this.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: In the Bible window, if you want to see the Strong’s definition, but not in a popup, then click on number, and TW will try to open it in the last used BookView Window, or ask you permission to add it to the Module Set of the last used BookView Window visited.

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