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FAQ: Faulty Module ID

Faulty Module ID Faulty Module ID. This is a problem that comes about sometimes when TW detects two modules with the same “supposedly unique” TW Identifier. This happens when module creators don’t check with Stergiou Costas, theWord creator, for a batch of Module IDs to use. … Read entire article »

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Using Skins in TheWord

Skins in TheWord By David Cox Note that in TheWord, you can also make use of TW skins. These are predefined color preferences for the different windows (panes) in TheWord. Costas has also made it possible for your users to make their own skin color combinations (more about that after I get the rest of this site up and running). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); … Read entire article »

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Identifying theWord Panes

Identifying theWord Panes CLASS OBJECTIVE: Identify, move (dock), resize, open, and close different sub-windows or panes within TheWord Program. … Read entire article »

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