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Website Goal - It is the purpose of this website to present free theWord Bible Software modules in large zip files for easy downloading. We are here to serve you, the theWord community. Please consider making a small $5 or $10 donation (on the sidebar below) once a year to help us cover our website expenses. This website exists because of your help. Thanks!

Commentary Module Creation

Commentary Module Creation By David Cox OBJECTIVE: In this class we will go through the simple steps for creating a new commentary module. For purposes of this class, we will not discuss copyrights which is also a very important topic. To begin with, select from the menu, File-> New User Module. Now we need to select what kind of module we want to make. … Read entire article »

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How to uninstall modules

How to uninstall modules By David Cox Question: I have many modules installed and they are showing up double, so how do I uninstall extra modules in theWord. First of all, let’s get some things straight. What theWord presents to you in the book module selector bar is what the module layout set has. There may or may not be multiple copies of the book in your installation. When you setup a Module Layout Set (See How to Make Module Sets), you need to first click “Clear Tree” before you make a new module set, or you risk having some modules show up twice. This needs to be checked first. … Read entire article »

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(1) Beginner’s First theWord Class

Beginner’s First theWord Class By David Cox Class Objective: This page is a basic beginning point for the brand new theWord user. From here we will link to other pages/clases for you to go through and learn, and then come back here. (You must install the software before anything else. If it is not installed, then please install it.) … Read entire article »

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Removing Bible Versions from Version Selector Bar

How do I remove so many Bible Versions from the Bible Version Selector Bar without uninstalling them? … Read entire article »

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Where is Strong’s Numbers in KJV?

Where is Strong’s Numbers in KJV? By David Cox Class Objective: Resolve the problem of no Strong’s numbers showing in the King James Bible. NOTE: In a normal installation of theWord from the official website, you should have both the Strong’s KJV and the Strong’s dictionary as part of the normal installation. … Read entire article »

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Moving Bible underlining

Moving Bible Underling from one TW installation into another Topic: Moving Bible underlining By David Cox This brief how-to post tells us how to move Bible underlining that the user does into another installation of theWord Bible Program. … Read entire article »

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Bible-Dictionary Lookup Popup

Description of Feature Dictionary Lookup Popup. When you setup this feature of the word, you can quickly lookup the definition of a Bible word in various commentaries completely AUTOMATICALLY with just passing the mouse over the word in a Bible. Note that TheWord will put as many or as few Bible Dictionaries (optionally any module will work) into the mix to search, and when the popup shows, YOU HOLD DOWN SHIFT and click in the popup window, and you can then scroll down the window to see the different dictionary definitions. httpv:// This Bible Dictionary feature is extremely powerful, and useful, and you can use it to quickly (almost instanteously) see many definitions of a word. See below at the bottom of this post for more uses of this feature. (Note that in the … Read entire article »

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How to Make Module Sets

How to Make Module Sets Topic: How to make module sets By David Cox Class Description: In this post we will explain what are module sets, and how to use them, as well as how to make them. Warning: Every TheWord user MUST MASTER MODULE SETS, or your experience with the program will be greatly hindered if you can use it at all. This issue is just that important. Let me just explain it this way, every time you want to see a module in TW, it has to be part of the current module set. Even though you install a module, and TW asks you if you want it to fit the module into the current module set, without saving that module set, you won’t see it the next time you run TW. … Read entire article »

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How to search across theWord Bible Versions

Search across theWord Bible Versions Class Objective: search across theWord Bible Versions. In this class, we want to do studies ACROSS BIBLE VERSIONS. The idea here is to see how different Bible versions treat a certain word or concept in Scripture. REQUIREMENTS: You need to have dominated the basics of doing a Bible search before you do this class. (See How to search the Bible). … Read entire article »

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How do I show the BibleView Window Options Icons (at left)

BibleView Window Options Icons Topic: How do I show the BibleView Window Options Icons (at left) By David Cox BibleView Window Options Icons. When using theWord, at times you accidentally press a wrong combination of keys, and you are left with something you don’t want. I have been using theWord working in a Bible, and all of sudden the entire left hand icons disappear on me, well actually, I pressed the wrong keys and they disappeared on me. For most things with theWord you can go to the main menu at the top, and you can search there for turning something on or off. But in this particular case, you will need to know how to do this while you have the Bibleview window in particular active. Then it is very easy. Tip: So if you … Read entire article »

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