How to Donate

To contact me,

My email address: [email protected]

My Telephone Number: (321) 900-8885

In all of these methods below, please send me an email stating that you have made a donation to me, and how you did it. I also appreciate it if you pray for me and our ministry. We are a local church in Mexico City, and we give out over 50,000 gospel tracts on the street each year. Please pray for us. Your prayers are valuable to us.

Donate via: Paypal | Credit or Debit Card | Check or Cash by US Mail Service | Through my Mission Board | To my home | Send me a Western Union, MoneyGram, or Remitly

If this website has been a blessing to you and you would like to send me a donation, you can do so in the following ways:

Torrey How to Bring Men to Christ
is a manual for witnessing to the unsaved to lead them to Christ. It has hints, tips, and suggestions. 13 Chapters.
PDF: Torrey How to bring men to Christ
theWord: Torrey How to bring men to Christ
MySword: Torrey How to bring men to Christ
eSword: Torrey How to bring men to Christ

Send a donation via Paypal

Please go to my Paypal and donate:


  • You can donate in any denomination of money in the world if you have a Paypal Account.
  • You can also donate any amount you so desire.
  • Please send me an email apart from your donation telling me which website(s) you use. (see below for a full list of my websites, I have 30+ of them in English and Spanish.

Via a Credit Card or Debit Card

I do not personally handle these kinds of donations, but if you enter into Paypal and pay using their banking services, you can do so without enrolling in Paypal itself. They will charge you like a physical store. When you go into Paypal, use it like you are going to use a Paypal account, and on one of the screens at the bottom, there will be an option to use a Credit or Debit Card.

Send me a check via US snail mail

US Mailon a United States Bank in Dollars via US “snail” mail (regular US postal system).

There are two addresses you can send the check to, and I prefer the first one.

Contribute via my mission board, Orlando Bible Church

Orlando Bible Church
4405 East Colonial Drive
Orlando FL 32803

  • Make the check out to “Orlando Bible Church” and add a piece of paper in the envelope with the check stating “This is for David Cox”.
  • Please do not send checks or cash to my address in Mexico. It will never get to me if you do so.
  • Orlando Bible Church will give you an IRS receipt at the end of the year if you require one, please send them a request in December. or January.

Send me a personal check or cash to my stateside address

David Cox
2427 Econ Circle Apartment 265
Orlando FL 32817

  • I do not recommend you sending cash through the regular mail system. It may get “lost”.
  • If you send a check to this address, please make it out to “David Cox”.
  • Also, if you want to make a check out to “David Cox”, you can send it to Orlando Bible Church and they also will deposit it into my account.

Send me a Western Union, MoneyGram, or Remitly

Western-Union remitly moneygram

(Click on the image to go to their online website to donate.)

These all are going to charge a fee either to you or from the money sent (from me).

Send via Western Union or via MoneyGram. Also, see Remitly to wire me money. This costs money to send.

  • I believe MoneyGram is also handled by Walmart. Ask in your local Walmart if they have Western Union or MoneyGram.
  • All three of these services have ways to send money online through their websites (click on the link above you want to use).
  • If you type in your physical address here at MoneyGram, they will show you all the places near you to send money.

These are my English language websites: