Using theWord with Bad Eyesight

Using theWord with Bad Eyesight

It happens to all of us almost. As we age, we get bad eyesight. This class is to help those who have failing eyesight, and they still want to read and study the Bible.

Good News

The good news is that theWord is very versatile. There are things you can do directly in theWord to help with poor eyesight problems. (See below).

Bad News

The bad news is that some things are hardcoded into Microsoft Windows, and to fix them, you will need to go into Microsoft Windows.

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How to Make Windows 10 More Accessible For People With Low Vision

General Usage Help with theWord Bible Program

The first thing I would do if I were to suddenly have a very poor vision is to get two large monitors. theWord is one of those kinds of programs that adapts itself very easily to multiple monitors. Why use two monitors? The reason is very simple. When you begin theWord, it is in a single large window that fills the currently active monitor. All other windows, subwindows, in theWord will automatically open within that big window.

But you can break these subwindows out of the main tw window, and drag them to another monitor if you wish. On a full monitor for just, let’s say the actual Bibleview window (all the theWord subwindows within the main window are “*view” windows) expanded to take up the entire window.

Tweaks to theWord Bible Software program

Now within theWord, you can set the font on the Bibleview window (only applies to on a specific Bible) to a very large font. See the twtutorial post below for an example.

Using Hebrew-Greek Bibles (Easy) (Layout)

But the point is that you will see the Greek with accents or worse the Hebrew Bibles with pointing to a very large font, and this will help you with your eyesight.

The Caveat

The caveat or problem with all of this is very simply that the actual menu of theWord cannot be controlled so easily from within the theWord program. You absolutely have to go into Microsoft Windows and go into the controls helping you to set the Windows interfaces for the visually impaired. Even though this is possible, I would hesitate before you do that. You can actually bump up the font size of Windows menu bars and other things, but when you do, the options will spill off the far right of the window, and again you are at a disadvantage.

For the poor, this is about the only option. But for those with a little bit of money, I would suggest buying a very large screen TV that will take a computer input like a TV. Don’t purchase one and then try to make it connect to a computer. Take along a laptop with a cable for an exterior monitor and try it out in the store before you buy. Probably most people who have purchased a TV in the last 4 to 5 years will have a TV with that ability.

If you use a large screen TV for a monitor, you get very large fonts, and nothing spilling off of the right side of the window menu bars, etc. This would seem to be the best option for me. Leave everything in theWord alone, and try to get it on a large screen TV.

Another option is to buy a video projector. These little things are extremely small nowadays, and it can project an image of what is on your computer screen to a size of 4′ diagonal image. If you have an office or an in-home office, or a room where you study that has a blank empty wall (think, “Take down the picture”), then set your desk facing that blank wall but about 4 feet back and then put that video projector on your desk projecting onto that blank wall. Maybe put it on a bookcase behind the desk even. That will give you a good 4-8 feet from the wall to the projector and you can very easily see the screen. Buy an external keyboard, and push the laptop off to the side of your desk, and you will have a keyboard in front of a super large screen.