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Adding theWord Commentary Notes

Adding theWord Commentary Notes Class Objective: Show how to make personalized commentary notes in theWord. Adding theWord Commentary Notes Adding theWord Commentary Notes. First of all, a commentary is simply a module that has the structure of one topic per verse in the Bible. So what we are going to do is to very simply, just make our own commentary. Some limitations of commentaries should be kept in mind. First of all, we should realize that of course you cannot name the topics whatever you want. This kind of freeform naming is for a regular book module. Secondly, you cannot add extra topics as child topic here. But what are the advantages of a commentary module? First of all, if you have your commentary open in theWord, you can see it as you scroll … Read entire article »

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Module Fast Production

Module Fast Production

In this class, I am going to walk you through how I make a theWord module very fast. If you just take a minute and do this with a module, you will find it is very simple to make new modules from pages on the Internet. Please read this page first, Deciding on a Work to Create. … Read entire article »

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Module Set: theWord Dictionaries

Class Description: theWord Dictionaries. This post will go through how to make a Module set to see all your installed dictionaries. Prerequisite: Read and study How to Make a Model Sets. Resource: Where do I download free theWord Dictionaries? Main Dictionary Module index. Hebrew Lexicons, Grammars, and other Heb. Reference Works. Another Link for Hebrew Lexicons. Greek Lexicons, Grammars, and other Greek Reference Works. Another Link for Greek Lexicons. Straight English Bible Dictionaries (little or no Greek-Hebrew). Chain Reference Bible Dictionaries. English Bible Concordance Type Dictionaries. English Language Dictionaries. Sermon Illustration Dictionaries. These are free download sites (as far as I know from my last visit to them) for these works. … Read entire article »

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Study on Covetousness

Study on Covetousness

Some Biblical Studies on Covetousness Taken from see more there. These are Bible Dictionary definitions and a study by me, David Cox. See also Covetousness doesn’t mix well with God’s work … Read entire article »

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The Legacy Bible Reading Plan

The Legacy Bible Reading Plan By David Cox … Read entire article »

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General Overview & Bible Window

General Overview & Bible Window

theWord Overview theWord Overview. This video by Paul Chapman basically focuses on the kinds of sub-windows in the program, and how to open and use them (as a general help). These are Bibleview Windows which contains Bibles, Module (Bookview) Windows which contain any of the various other kinds of modules, i.e. books, commentaries, dictionaries. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Besides that there are also Bible Search windows which contain the results of a search on a Bible or … Read entire article »

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