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Study on “kingdom of Heaven”

The Concept “Kingdom of heaven” Occurs 32 times only in the N.T. and only in Matthew’s Gospel. This post, study on the kingdom of heaven is a brief scan of all the verses mentioning “kingdom of heaven” in the Bible. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); … Read entire article »

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How do you compress a module? theWord module compression

theWord module compression OBJECTIVE: Explain how to compress a theWord module. theWord module compression. This tutorial page explains about how theWord Bible program compresses its files. This is an automatic thing, and it helps you to not have to do so. Actually, it is transparent if you activate it. Why would you want to compress a module? This is where we should start. Actually there good reasons to compress your modules. First of all, if you are uploading them to the Internet, if you are emailing them, if you are using the modules on a USB Flash memory drive and have limited space, all of these are reasons to compress a module. What modules can you compress? You can compress any module except for Bible modules which are just plain ASCII text files. Exceptions You cannot compress a … Read entire article »

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Eliminating theWord Bible text brackets

Eliminating theWord Bible text brackets Eliminating theWord Bible text brackets. Tip: How do you get rid of the square brackets in the Bible texts? (Also when copying and pasting?) Eph 1:2 Grace [be] to you, and peace, from God our Father, and [from] the Lord Jesus Christ. As you see in this example, these words are added words by the translators. Depending on your view of these things and what version of the Bible you are using, this can be distracting. The more modern version play rough with the original text and they, in general, don’t mind changing the exact words to something similar, so this is not even appearing in those Bible versions. For the Bible versions that try to maintain a one-to-one correspondence, this can appear in these more biblically true … Read entire article »

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Cross References – Introduction

Objective: How to use Cross References in theWord. Subscribe to our email list to receive emails every time we post another post. The image below shows a Cross Reference. … Read entire article »

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Method: Verse Collection from Cross References

Class Objective: This class will help you set up and make verse lists using some of the best cross-reference modules available. Prerequisite Classes: Bible Verse List Feature You will need to download, install and open some cross reference commentaries. Get them here: Bible Cross-Reference Commentaries. My recommendation for use with this tutorial page is to download the Nave’s Topical Bible Commentary. … Read entire article »

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Converting other program’s books into TheWord.

Class Objective: To learn how to convert other Bible Programs modules into theWord. For this class, you will need to first download the theWord converter tool found here. The formats that this utility imports are: • RTF files from your local disk (to create a commentary or book) • e-Sword modules (only non-password protected modules) • Zefania XML modules • Unbound Bible modules … Read entire article »

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