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Greek Grammar, Text, and Word Studies #2

Greek Grammar, Text, and Word Studies #2

This post is simply some good Bible Study resource works for those who read Greek. These works are good reference materials (Greek Grammars) but they are in pdf at the moment. Book – A.T. Robertson – Commentary on the Gospel According to Matthew – 1911 Book – A.T. Robertson – The New Citizenship – 1919 Book – James Moulton – A Grammar of New Testament Greek – 1908 Book – James Moulton – New Testament Greek in the Light of Modern Discovery – 1909 Book – Herbert W. … Read entire article »

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05 Getting Source Material

05 Getting Source Material

In this class, we will look at getting source material for module creation. Getting Source Material is a help blog article for theWord community on how and what and where to get material to go into theWord format for your Bible Study. … Read entire article »

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Method: Greek Translation

Method: Greek Translation

Class Objective: This page will teach you how to set up theWord to study the Bible using two Greek Bible versions, two non-Greek Bible versions, Strong’s Dictionary, and Robinson’s Morphology Codes. In this method, I want to show you how I set up my theWord windows to translate or study the original Greek language. Putting aside all the discussion about Bible manuscripts, I just want to look at a passage in the KJV, in a Greek Bible, … Read entire article »

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Two Linked BibleView Windows

Two Linked BibleView Windows Class Objective: In this class, we show you how to open two BibleView Windows, and link them for viewing verses in one from the other window. … Read entire article »

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Module Sets: Specialized Categories

Module Sets: Specialized Categories When you make a module set, the left hand window has a search function that will search all filenames and filter all files to only those fitting the search criteria. You can use this to make specialize Module Layout Sets in an easy way. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Step 1: In Windows File Explorer, examine your files. Here rename the files of a specific category, say files dealing with the “Atonement”, and add a special unique code to identify the file as belonging to that category. Let’s take the atonement category. On my website, you search for that category. Simply find a single file that has the topic or category you are looking for and examines the different parts of the post. Note on this image the various parts in … Read entire article »

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Using the Commentary Template

Using the Commentary Template Class Objective: To master how to use the Commentary Module Template. … Read entire article »

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