Eliminating theWord Bible text brackets

Eliminating theWord Bible text brackets

Eliminating theWord Bible text brackets. Tip: How do you get rid of the square brackets in the Bible texts? (Also when copying and pasting?)

Eph 1:2 Grace [be] to you, and peace, from God our Father, and [from] the Lord Jesus Christ.

Copeland-parables Gbk
Copeland-parables Gbk
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As you see in this example, these words are added words by the translators. Depending on your view of these things and what version of the Bible you are using, this can be distracting. The more modern version play rough with the original text and they, in general, don’t mind changing the exact words to something similar, so this is not even appearing in those Bible versions. For the Bible versions that try to maintain a one-to-one correspondence, this can appear in these more biblically true texts.

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This is an option to click off.

Go to the Bible Options menu (CTRL+O or Tools-> Bible Options).

Select “Font Colors and Styles”

Then unclick “Render words added by a translator with square brackets”.

2 thoughts on “Eliminating theWord Bible text brackets”

  1. Thank you for your diligent work for the Lord.
    After downloading several modules the two windows at the bottom of the screen seem strange.
    The bottom left window has two tabs for “My Subject Notes”
    The bottom right window has two tabs for “My Verse Notes”
    How did I do that and How can I fix it so I only have one tab for each?
    A second problem: I don’t seem to find any maps.
    Because of Calvary,

    1. First thing is that it is showing up in the tabs because the particular module layout set you are using have them defined there. See my post on Module Layout Sets (sidebar) to get into that and fix it. Your problem has one of two reasons: 1) there are physically two files with that same filename, or 2) in your module set, you have the same file dragged twice from the left side to the center window (in the module layout set). First, right click on each of the modules and go into module properties, and there note the actual module filename and path. If they are the same, then it is because of reason (above) number 2, otherwise reason number 1.

      Go into module layout set and remove one of each, or both if you don’t want to see these modules or use them.

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