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Website Goal - It is the purpose of this website to present free theWord Bible Software modules in large zip files for easy downloading. We are here to serve you, the theWord community. Please consider making a small $5 or $10 donation (on the sidebar below) once a year to help us cover our website expenses. This website exists because of your help. Thanks!

How to Make Module Sets

How to Make Module Sets Topic: How to make module sets By David Cox Class Description: In this post we will explain what are module sets, and how to use them, as well as how to make them. Warning: Every TheWord user MUST MASTER MODULE SETS, or your experience with the program will be greatly hindered if you can use it at all. This issue is just that important. Let me just explain it this way, every time you want to see a module in TW, it has to be part of the current module set. Even though you install a module, and TW asks you if you want it to fit the module into the current module set, without saving that module set, you won’t see it the next time you run TW. … Read entire article »

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Module Set: theWord Dictionaries

Class Description: theWord Dictionaries. This post will go through how to make a Module set to see all your installed dictionaries. Prerequisite: Read and study How to Make a Model Sets. Resource: Where do I download free theWord Dictionaries?Main Dictionary Module index. Hebrew Lexicons, Grammars, and other Heb. Reference Works. Another Link for Hebrew Lexicons. Greek Lexicons, Grammars, and other Greek Reference Works. Another Link for Greek Lexicons. Straight English Bible Dictionaries (little or no Greek-Hebrew). Chain Reference Bible Dictionaries. English Bible Concordance Type Dictionaries. English Language Dictionaries. Sermon Illustration Dictionaries.These are free download sites (as far as I know from my last visit to them) for these works.… Read entire article »

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Module Set: Parables & Types

Class Description: This class post is simply the steps to make a Parables module set for TheWord. Note that you will need to have these modules installed into your system before you can make the module set, but below are links to find them on our The Word Library site. Required Classes before reading this post: Steps to make a Parables Module Set Once you have mastered the how to make a module set at the above link, you will need to first close down TheWord and then look for the modules you want to include. I have a large set of books (modules) on the Bible Parables on If you would like to individually read the exerpt describing each book, then visit Parables-Types Bookshelf (Note: To actually download each book, Control click on the titles … Read entire article »

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Module Set: Commentaries

Class Description: This post will go through how to make a Module set to see all your installed commentaries. Prerequisite: Read and study How to Make a Model Sets. Resource: Where do I download free Commentary Modules?General theWord Commentary Download Library.In above link, click the “Bible Commentaries” in the sidebar to select only on specific books of the Bible.Bible Outline-Synopsis Commentaries. Cross Reference Commentaries. Devotional Commentaries. Exegetical Commentaries. Technical Commentaries.One of the advantages of TheWord is the ability to make subsets of all your modules. In this class, we will make a Commentary Module set. What’s the purpose and advantage of this is in using and searching your modules, you can reduce what TW has to go through (filtering results and cutting down on search times) by just including commentaries. I would think that the more commentaries that are out there, … Read entire article »

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How to select a specific Module Set

Class Objective: This class will briefly show you how to select a Module Set. Requirements: If you don’t have any module sets made, you will first need to learn how to make them. See the sidebar “Module Sets” or the How to Make Module Sets post. Once you know how to make module sets, and you make some, you will need to select them to use them. This is very easy. First of all, module sets only work with the Bookview window, so open a Bookview window (F12). Now look for the Green icon in the upper left hand corner of this window. Click on it. To select one of your module sets, click on the green books icon. Here you can see I have several module sets (upper yellow area), with Commentaries All … Read entire article »

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Module Sets: Specialized Categories

      When you make a module set, the left hand window has a search function that will search all filenames and filter all files to only those fitting the search criteria. You can use this to make specialize Module Layout Sets in an easy way. Step 1: In Windows File Explorer, examine you files. Here rename the files of a specific category, say files dealing with the “Atonement”, and add a special unique code to identify the file as belonging to that category. Let’s take the atonement category. On my website, you search for that category. Simply find a single file that has the topic or category you are looking for and examine the different parts of the post.Note on this image the various parts in blue. First of all there are “Categories” … Read entire article »

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