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Bible Search

This video tutorial is by Paul Chapman. This particular video focues on using the Bible search window.    … Read entire article »

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theWord Bible Search: How to search the Bible

theWord Bible Search By David Cox Class Objective: In this class we want to just get started on searching the Bible. For purposes of simplicity, we will use the KJV Bible version, but I will also show you how to change that to any Bible version you have installed. theWord Bible Search is the topic of this class. … Read entire article »

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How to search across theWord Bible Versions

Search across theWord Bible Versions Class Objective: search across theWord Bible Versions. In this class, we want to do studies ACROSS BIBLE VERSIONS. The idea here is to see how different Bible versions treat a certain word or concept in Scripture. REQUIREMENTS: You need to have dominated the basics of doing a Bible search before you do this class. (See How to search the Bible). … Read entire article »

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FAQ: Show/get rid of the “What this you were looking for?”

Open the Bible Search (F10) window. Click on “Options” tab at the bottom of that window pane, and then click or unclick the “Show ‘Is this what you are looking for? box”. … Read entire article »

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