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theWord Layout Book Search Bible

theWord Layout Book Search Bible theWord Layout Book Search Bible By David Cox In this layout, I am doing a book search on “Satan”, with a Bible search on “Satan.” … Read entire article »

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theWord layout Sets

Class Objective: theWord layout. This page will teach you why, and how to make different layouts for TheWord, so that when you do different things, each will have a specific layout of Bibles, books, windows, etc.___________ … Read entire article »

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Identifying theWord Panes

Identifying theWord Panes CLASS OBJECTIVE: Identify, move (dock), resize, open, and close different sub-windows or panes within TheWord Program.… Read entire article »

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Layout: Bible, Commentary, BookView

Class Objective: In this class, we will learn how to set up a theWord layout with a Bible, a Commentary, and a bookview on the bottom.Opening the proper windows within theWord We start here with 3 windows: A BibleView Window (F12) A Bible Search Window (F10) A BookView Window (F9) Close any other windows in TW you might see (or leave them open but your TW might appear different from my screen captures here). Docking the Windows to their positions At this point we need to have the windows (they are really individual panes within the theWord “Window” because they are moveable yet mini-windows) where we want them. Here I will tell you where I want them to achieve the same layout for the above image I am presenting you, but in reality, this is your preference, … Read entire article »

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Using Skins in TheWord

Note that in TheWord, you can also make use of TW skins. These are predefined color preferences for the difference windows (panes) in TheWord. Costas has also made it possible you users to make their own skin color combinations (more about that after I get the rest of this site up and running). To change the TW skin, go to the main menu option View -> Skins. By passing the mouse over the different skin names, it will temporarily change TheWord to that skin so you can “live” see what each skin is. This would be helpful if you are running more than one copy of TheWord at a time. … Read entire article »

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