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How to install theWord Modules

Regular TW Installers

This is the best and easier way to install a TW module. You do not need to know anything to install this type of module (ending in *.exe). Just run the exe, and the TW installer will detect where the modules should be put, and it will put them there. If you want to install them to a USB flash drive, or to a Compact TW installation in a folder on your hard drive, then see the last page on this page,”Installing to a Compact setup.”

On my theWord library site, all of the modules are available in official TW installer exe’s so that you do not have to battle with copying the modules into the correct folder.

The only exception for this is the megapacks, which are 2-3 zip compressed files with all of the files for that particular month. The reason why I do not have these as TW installer exe’s is because people who use theWord on MAC and Linux have a lot of problems using the TW installer exes, and they prefer to download a zip, uncompress it, and use the modules that way. It is a laborious process for them to individually work through 100 files in those operating systems (converting them from Windows format to their own operating system formats, or whatever).

If you want to install a whole month’s worth of modules at a time, then this is the way to go.

See also FAQ: I installed a module and it doesn’t show up.

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